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Keeping It Classy

Man ejected from Murfreesboro mall had shirt asking ‘Has your gun killed a kindergartner today?’

Update: Turns out, this guy is a criminal. Shocking that he doesn’t want you armed.

4 Responses to “Keeping It Classy”

  1. shovelDriver Says:

    Funny, when I first read what was printed on the t-shirt, I thought he was making the point that millions of guns didn’t kill anyone on that day.

  2. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    A little further light reading in the world of Google reveals that he has a thing for using his real name on websites like “topix” to spill his koolaid all over the interwebs. The typical “Republican Conspiracy” type stuff you hear out of the type of lazy left wing moron that can’t be bothered to do any research and come to their own conclusions. It’s tough being confused by someone else’s facts. It’s even tougher when you produce the facts that confuse you. This is me drying a sarcastic tear from my sarcastic face with a sarcastic hanky.

    On a closely similar note… Did you actually see the TV interview on Channel 4? This guy is twitchy, and can’t complete a thought, much less a phrase. I particularly enjoyed “I shouldn’t have to drive down the street with tears coming out of my eyes…” First, we are all saddened by the tragedy in Conn. I cried too. Second, I noticed throughout the interview he said the word “I” quite often. It gave me a specific sence that this was more about him than any victim. This, of course, should be no surprise to any of us. Since when has ANY issue been about anyone other than the liberal who is whining about it? So the story is about a guy who wants to get rid of firearms because someone used them to commit NUMEROUS FELONIES and it made him cry. Someone made him feel bad and he wants all of us to pay for his butt-hurt-convicted-felon-douchebag-ass!

    Here’s a tissue, now STFU!

    Disavowed With Honor

  3. Blake Says:

    He was also carrying a 10 month old on his left shoulder holding her with one hand while standing in the parking lot talking to the news camera.

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Someone let him have an infant? Talk about dangerous.