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When seconds count

The police are 20 minutes away.

5 Responses to “When seconds count”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    A practiced person with a Revolutionary War musket can fire 60-80 rounds in 20 minutes, and with a bayonet can hold off and kill several unarmed, untrained adults.

  2. Chas Says:

    I can see the book title now, “20 Minutes in a Gun-Free Zone”. Thank you, douchebag liberal gun control supporters. You will be held accountable for this.

  3. Mike V. Says:

    Please God tell me that has to be a misprint.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I wonder if this is more of the kind of idiocy that our high quality news media have been serving us throughout this entire situation?

    For example:
    If you look at google maps, it’s 1.8 miles from the Newtown Police Department to the school. Time following the speed limit: 5 minutes.

    From the state police barracks (Troop A, in Southbury) in the next town, it’s 6 miles and 8 minutes at the speed limit.

    I don’t know any cops who are going to stop at McDonalds on the way to a shots fired call. Though given the total insanity that was shown by the “leadership” of the last PD in CT that faced a mass murder situation, I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to follow the example of brave, brave Captain Robert Vignola, who bravely “contained the scene” as two kids and their mother were raped and burned alive.

  5. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    Caveat: I wasn’t there.

    Some police departments have a policy on active shooters that simply states “do not enter the building until back up arrives”. That said…. 20 minutes is INSANE and they should be held partially liable. It is whole heartedly unacceptable!