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Quote of the day

How Do We Know an ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Would Not Have Stopped Adam Lanza? Because It Didn’t. I think I’ve hardly seen mention of that fact in the press.

Related, making all guns assault weapons.

2 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Tam Says:

    Let’s not forget that Columbine happened smack in the middle of the ’94-’04 Federal AWB.

    Like you say, “Gun Bans: It’s what they do instead of something.”

  2. Matthew Carberry Says:

    The time: 1786

    The place: A small town in Connecticut

    The scene: A one room schoolhouse

    The scenario: A madman with a musket and bayonet, the “assault weapon” of its day, enters. The alarum is raised.

    The unarmed teachers bravely try to rush the killer but are met with ball and blade, the killer methodically reloads and fires, 3-4 rounds a minute, firing 50 shots before the armed constabulary arrive 20 minutes later and he takes his own life.

    Town criers and post riders spread the terrible news, the next days begin a time of mourning.

    Does anyone think the “national conversation” among those people would include “reexamining the proposed 2nd Amendment?”