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Knee jerks

In light of the shooting, I suppose a lot of people are having some sort of PR-motivated, misplaced feeling of guilt. Or they’re making projections about the market that haven’t historically been accurate. To wit:

Cerberus to sell gunmaker Freedom Group after shootings. Seems a teachers’ union is threatening to pull its funds.

Discovery Channel cancels hit “American Guns” after the shooting. Because, you know, showing lawful activity on TV is bad.

NBC sports network to cancel “3 Gun Nation”.

And I’ve heard mutterings, but no confirmation, that “Sons of Guns” might be getting axed too.

A company that makes FFL software thought a no gun sales day would be a good idea. They’ve changed their mind.

And Dick’s Sporting goods has decided to step selling the most popular rifle in the US. Doesn’t seem like that’s a smart business move.

A bunch of weak-willed ninnies, if you ask me.

For a while there, we were winning the good fight because of the exposure to the shooting sports on reality TV. We’ll see if that can continue.

11 Responses to “Knee jerks”

  1. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Huff Po is super happy you can not look at a picture of a Bushmaster on Walmart dot com.

    Sig, Colt, and Ruger are still there.

  2. Amalyse Says:

    Cheaper than dirt just suspended firearm sales

  3. The Freeholder Says:

    I’ve been saying in other venues that this incident will tell us who our friends and allies really are. Obviously, Cerberus, Dick’s NBC and the rest were in it for the money, nothing more. I honestly don’t find that unsurprising.

  4. Chas Says:

    True colors are showing up all around.
    I picked up some stock in SWHC (Smith and Wesson Holding Company) yesterday at 8.80 and 8.69. It dropped this morning, leveled off and closed somewhat off its lows at 7.79. Their 52-week high is 11.25. Good time to jump in and show some support.
    Gun sales were up with Obama’s re-election, but now that he’s going on the warpath against guns, gun sales are going to be astronomical. He’s been the nation’s best gun salesman without really trying, and now he’s trying.
    If only someone at that school had even an old, nearly worn-out model 10. A $100 gun could have saved all those lives, but the gun control laws wouldn’t allow it.

  5. SteveA Says:

    Wait, Is the loss of “sons of guns” a bad thing or a GOOD thing?

  6. Nona Says:

    Amalyse is right — CTD did just stop selling firearms. Well, I quess I no longer need anything they sell. I’ll be happy to take my business elsewhere.

  7. JKB Says:

    Surprisingly, Dick’s has not suspended the sale of football equipment. Football being attributed to brain injuries that are alleged to have contributed to the many suicides and murders by football players.

  8. RomanScott Says:

    I’m disgusted with the actions several companies in the gun community have acted (Dick’s & CTD). Their decision to cease gun sales will hurt our community more than help it. I hope the rest of the community agrees with me to never support them again.

    We need to embrace those who stand by us and strengthen us and drive out those who will undermine and weaken our position.

    ~Roman Scott

  9. RomanScott Says:

    Forgive my grammar, I was in the heat of the moment.

    *I’m disgusted with how several companies in the community have acted…*

  10. hank Says:

    Ever since Dick’s bought out their predecessor (can’t remember) and stopped selling handguns of any sort, I have thought that Dicks was a good name for that company.

    Their sale prices on ammo are almost the same as what everyone else charges regular price. I haven’t bought anything in that store since … a pair of wool socks a couple of years ago.

    They won’t miss my business, but I won’t miss them either.

    Basically, Dicks is a mall-friendly store, that doesn’t sell anything icky that would scare the soccer moms.

  11. Jason Says:

    Well, at least some good will come of this. Sons of Guns will be cancelled. That whole Master Key episode made me wanna strangle people…