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double plus good

Seems gun control needs a marketing change. So, they’ll peddle the same lies and misconceptions only they’ll call it ‘gun safety’. It reminds me that, a bit back, some liberal paper (the Washington Post, IIRC) was having an online chat, taking questions and it featured a ‘gun safety’ expert, who was just some anti-gun shill. A bunch of gun guys asked the idiot questions like “is it safe to shoot +p+ ammo in my S&W K-frame?”

4 Responses to “double plus good”

  1. Lazy Bike Commuter Says:

    I missed that one. I bet the transcript is comedy gold.

  2. Chas Says:

    Gun control is the more innocuous part of their control agenda. It’s what they plan to do to us after they’ve dumbed down our right to bear arms that is truly worrisome. If you don’t want to find yourself sitting handcuffed on a bus to a re-education camp of no return, it’s time to act now. There is no limit to what the leftistas want to do to us.

  3. Mike V. Says:

    Also, they’re not “assault weapons” anymore, they’re “weapons of war.”

  4. Jeremiah Says:

    Anddddd people like Chas are why we can’t have nice things.