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This just in

Stuff on TeeVee shows may be staged

5 Responses to “This just in”

  1. SPQR Says:

    You mean Hester isn’t really a flaming ass?

  2. PawPaw Says:

    Most of reality TV is staged. But, staging is part of …being on stage. I deal at one of the famous pawn shops and dealt with them for 10 years before the show came to the showroom. I’ve stood in the back and watched them film. Of course it’s staged. Not necessarily dishonest, but staged and scripted. Oh! They edit too!

  3. mikee Says:

    I talked with my local storage locker guy about this show. He laughed, and said that HIS lockers get inventoried by himself before they get auctioned, usually for $20 to $40 bucks. The inventory is to document contents in case the locker renter or a relative shows up later and complains that something valuable was sold incorrectly.

    And in the 5 years he has run the place, the most valuable thing he has seen in an abandoned locker is some ratty furniture.

    But he now gets $50 to $100 for lockers of junk because of the show, and most of the “regular” bidders have stopped attending the auctions.

  4. HL Says:

    I’m horrified that you people watch that shit.

  5. Geodkyt Says:

    Buddy of mine did a vehicle restoration for a recently aired “reality show”, and he flat out told me how teh camera crew would reshoot takes of supposedly off-the-cuff phone conversations, to dub in the other half of teh conversation later. Conversations that weren’t real the FIRST time they happened. Totally made up drama.

    I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you.