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Unions at work

Or, rather, not. Seems they’re so obsessed with forcing you to pay them that they’ll assault you if you dare to suggest that, maybe, it’s wrong for them to force you to pay dues. Also, the fat guy yelling, I think I’d have been inclined to say “Or what? This three foot sprint to get me would probably kill you.”

6 Responses to “Unions at work”

  1. Jailer Says:

    Crowders response to the attack is fantastic.

  2. Paul B Says:

    I would have so shot the one guy in the hard hat. Truly he made me fear for my life.

    That would get there attention PDQ.

  3. Skip Says:

    I’m thinking a Spyderco in the ball sack would work.

  4. Disavowed With Honor Says:

    @Skip: You are assuming that someone who needs to hide behind a union which assigns him the sum of his self worth, and one who sucker punches unarmed reporters who ask reasonable questions…has a sack to begin with. Not to mention that whole tearing down the tent with women and elderly people inside… precisely displaying that the commie left continue to be the violent ones while the rest of us only require our rights.

    I would not have suggested ever using a firearm in that circumstance though. Too many people who were just bystanders, too many people who would lie for their Communist Agenda, and he would have been over run and beaten to death. It would not have ended well for him or anyone else. It certainly would not have ended well for our continued fight for our rights. It would have read something like “Reporter wrecklessly fires into crowd of innocent protesters” or some such horseshit.

    I think Crowder did the best thing he could have, given the circumstance. Sometimes the best way to win the war is to decisively not engage in a particular battle.

    HT to Crowder for making great decisions under duress, and being a cowboy about it after the fact instead of sniviling like some commie leftist twirp. That folks, is called the high road. Sadly this is not a 2A issue, though I believe it could have been, and it could have been much worse too.

    Disavowed With Honor

  5. JKB Says:

    Did you catch someone yells “he’s got a gun” after the punches. Couldn’t tell who they were talking about. No one really reacts. Then someone starts talking trough before mumbling his words.

    but let’s consider. Union thug with a gun in that situation everyone scatters due to active shooter. Crowder and company have a gun? No one cares since it is in responsible hands and not off-hip. But it is an interesting attempt at SWATing in a crowd.

  6. Mike Says:

    Who’s surprised here? Listen, the link between the Mob and unions ain’t Hollywood fantasy. A psychopathic propensity for violence makes for comfortable bedfellows, and Crowder is lucky he’s not “sleeping with the fishes”.

    True story: met a guy on a business trip a couple of weeks back. He worked for a small railroad union for decades. A few years before he was set to retire, they find out that the union stole all their pension money. The bosses skipped town with the loot, and still haven’t been caught. Now, the guy is driving a taxi ’cause he’s got nothing after working his ass off for years.

    Union bosses are crooks, every last one of them. The members are either sheep, stupid, or psychopathic. F**k ’em…