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Hmm, didn’t somebody write a book about this?

Worthless degrees.

Yup, they sure did.

One Response to “Hmm, didn’t somebody write a book about this?”

  1. comatus Says:

    Not nearly worthless enough. Federal and corporate policies are in place to guarantee a job market for this major. “Sustainability” is one of the new BSA merit badges.

    Squint the other eye and tilt your head different, and a slightly different notion of sustainability — you know, like not spending more than you take in — might make a good pre-req in a core curriculum. Except that “core curriculum” is now a collectivist buzzword, too.

    I took a minor in Physical Geography, and it helped my employability (the first thing we labbed was how to fold a map right. Top that!). Before it became “Earth Science” it was beyond doubt the most boring department on campus, even with the tornado-chasers.

    Frankly, I blame Gene Cernan and his damn blue marble.