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Live free or there

In MA, bureaucracy and cash-strapped police departments turn gun owners into criminals.

10 Responses to “Live free or there”

  1. orbitup Says:

    A gun license?? That is ridiculous.

  2. The Freeholder Says:

    License for guns? It seems to me that living in a free state would be preferable to such shenanigans. Having to have a concealed carry license is insult to my rights enough, but a license for the actual gun?

    One must also wonder what the fee for the license is. Because I have to wonder if that was what was behind the removal of the lifetime license.

  3. Mike123 Says:

    Its shocking that the first battle occurred in Mass and was over gun control. It seems British General Gage has finally achieved his goal: Disarm the Colonists and take their weapons.

    GOAL needs to challenge this in federal court. They should contact Gura or John Monroe out of Georgia.

  4. Mike123 Says:

    I meant to say … first battle of the Revolutionary War (Lexington and Concord).

  5. Cargosquid Says:

    We cynics might think that this result is the feature, not the bug….

    Expect a knock at the door to pick up the “illegal” guns, maybe?

  6. Bryan S. Says:

    So in a Heller sense of “reasonable”, how does this apply? How is it reasonable to license a right, and then not be able to provide a renewal?

  7. Weer'd Beard Says:

    And right when I put in for my renewal.

    Man I hope this goes through smoothly, God knows I gave them enough lead time.

  8. B Dubya Says:

    Elections have consequences. Over the last 60 years, the people of Massachussetts have consistently voted for corrupt, statist regimes. That those regimes included the likes of Teddy Kennedy, Devalue Patrick, and Bwawnie Frank only provides validation to this claim.

    Massachussetts is the home of John and Sam Adams, for christ’s sake.

    Sam Adams would tell you people, kneeling in your chains, to enjoy the sensation and to GET THE HELL OUT, as you are unworthy to claim citizenship with the likes of him.

    He was pretty hard case, not nice like Ted and Barny.

  9. Motor-T Says:

    A right delayed…

  10. wizardpc Says:

    Bryan S.: See Also..Hughes Amendment.

    Sure, you can buy a machinegun made after 1986. You just have to pay the transfer tax. Which we won’t allow you to pay.