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I guess it’s a step up

Officer’s AR has no sights. I guess to avoid putting them on backwards.

4 Responses to “I guess it’s a step up”

  1. Tam Says:

    At least the lack of sights kept me from saying “Dude, really? Grabbing the front of the magwell? 2004 called; they want their gun-handling back…

  2. Eichenlaub Says:

    Another example of why only the police should not be allowed to possess guns, especially when at work.

  3. Divemedic Says:

    I showed this to a cop buddy, who seriously told me: “If you are familiar enough with your weapon, you don’t need sights.”
    Even worse, he is an Army veteran.

  4. Huck Says:

    Hell, they dont use the sights anyway so I doubt that his “marksmanship” will degrade.