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Low profile arsenal bag

May need one of these to go along with the bug out bag.

4 Responses to “Low profile arsenal bag”

  1. pdb Says:

    Here you go.

  2. boyd Says:

    I like the baseball bat bag, but at my house (I’m a geek by day, a volunteer NRA instructor by weekend) I’ve been a bit more “ghetto” then that. My friend Phil finds Golf Guard brand rolling plastic golf club bags at local thrift stores and has cut me in on two of them. Each easily fits an 8 gun Home Firearms Safety kit and run $10 to $20. It’s a rigid plastic shell with two wheels. there is one hasp for a small padlock (not a secure option, but we’re talking 10 bucks). I have two because the buckles aren’t strongly built and eventually break. B u t I haven’t actually used the second one because the REI fastex strap I have around number one is easier then digging number two out of the attic. A small blanket goes on the bottom with folds coming up between guns, and a wrap over the top after it’s all loaded (blanket doubles as table cushion during class). If this is to cheap for you; congratulations and I also recommend starlight or pelican. But I will note that I’ve taken my AR10 out of the pelican case and carted it to class in the Case Guard and it didn’t appear to be broken or to embarrassed to function for the experience.

  3. Fiftycal Says:

    Or you could get one of these
    and save about $100.

  4. Gerry Says:

    I have one of these and used it a fair amount when traveling.