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Deal Alert

$1,000 toilet seat for $600. No, really. There’s a $1,000 toilet seat. Why does it need a remote? And that’s a lot to spend to keep your bum warm.

14 Responses to “Deal Alert”

  1. teke Says:

    I would think that they would have used an RF remote instead of IR. At least that way i could hold it in my hand and use it while on the john otherwise my body blocks the line of sight for the IR receiver.

  2. Kristophr Says:

    Hey, It comes with a self heating bidet built in, which explains the need for a remote … you need some way to turn on the water spray, and adjust the temp and pressure.

    The traditional bidet solution is to have a separate one next to the toilet, which may end up costing a $1000 once you finish paying the plumber to install it.

    If you have the cash, people will line up for miles to help you get rid of its burden.

  3. Jerry Says:

    DO NOT touch the seashells!

  4. Bryan S. Says:

    If you havent ever tried one of these… you are missing out.


    When we were in Japan, every hotel had one in a room. Even the economy places. Its the small pleasures in life, really.

  5. mikee Says:

    Seconding Bryan’s comment: worked in Japan over winter in the late 90’s, experienced heated toilet seats, have not been satisfied since in cold weather.

    And the ones I met were also padded. Made all seats since feel like rough-hewn pine boards in a drafty outhouse in comparison.

  6. Austin Milbarge Says:

    I, for one, am delighted to see they offer a filter for the bidet water. I would not want to be washing the night soil off my backside with common tap water.

  7. Bryan S. Says:

    Thats probably more to protect the nozzle than anything else.

    And yes, mikee is right. You will be dissatisfied with every toilet afterwards. And after using an “asian squatter” once, you will understand why all the western style toilets there are so advanced.

  8. Michael Silence Says:

    I’ll take your $1000 and raise you $6400.

  9. charles in charge Says:

    I have had a Toto Washlet toilet seat for a few years, and I will say it is life-changing. Much more than the heated seat, it’s the backside cleaning function that makes it magical. I have managed to convert some friends and they all agree.

  10. x.y.h.p.d.q. Says:

    Want a heated toilet seat for dirt cheap? Simply run a hot water line to the commode instead of the traditional cold line. Doing so probably destroys its inner workings quicker, but TANSTAAFL.

  11. Windy Wilson Says:

    I thought you were going to say these had been bought from Aerospace in the early 80’s and taken off an old B-52. 🙁

  12. CapitalistPig Says:

    I tried a few of those out in Japan years ago. Since I couldn’t read Japanese, random button pressing led to startling results. 8o

  13. Dustydog Says:

    Shh! A government employee union catches wind of this, and you’ll be paying for every bureaucrat in the state to sit on these babies.

  14. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    As long as it’s not padded. I hate and despise padded toilet seats. Otherwise, I could go for a good washing up; my bowels are exceptionally active, and my nether regions frequently become irritated.