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Fire Bob Costas

What a moron.

I will not watch NFL games as long as he’s announcing. Not much of a stretch since I don’t watch the National Felon League anyway.

I’m sure a six foot two, 230 pound guy needed a gun to kill his girlfriend.

39 Responses to “Fire Bob Costas”

  1. Bill Says:

    I promptly turned the TV off, and posted an email to NBC:

    To Whom it may concern:

    Imagine my surprise, while watching a football game halftime show, to watch Bob Costas quote an article written by Jason Whitlock!

    Mr. Whitlock, and Mr. Costas in agreement, takes umbrage with a Second Amendment right, one only recently re-emphasized by the Supreme Court!

    They state that if Jovan Belcher had not had a gun, then the murder suicide would not have happened. Of course, they refuse to recognize that it could just as easily have happened with a knife, or with a bow and arrow, as it did in Wyoming on Friday. They refuse to recognize that it could have just as easily happened with a car bomb, or a fire, or with a vehicle, like it does 11,000 times a year with drunk drivers in the United States.

    I wonder if Mr. Whitlock and Mr. Costas feel the same way about their 1st Amendment rights, which must be defended at times with the very weapons that they so vehemently argue against? Shall we remove their rights to write and speak, simply because someone disagrees with that right?

    I have enjoyed NBC’s sports coverage, but I will no longer support it, as you have now demonstrated your disagreement with protections specifically enumerated within the Constitution. We used to call that treason, though I suspect todays world has changed so much that that concept is foreign to many.

    A once loyal viewer.

  2. Brad Says:

    All that the moral midgets Costas and Whitlock have proven are that they themselves lack the self-control to responsibly handle a firearm. Too bad they project their own lack of character upon the vast majority of Americans, and are provided such an oversized platform with which to do so.

  3. nk Says:

    Sorry to disagree, guys. It’s hard, on the soul, to kill somebody up close and personal. Faulkner had a story about ex-soldiers could only kill an enemy with rifles from a distance of 75 yards. I believe it. That’s why we have guns. Not just to equalize the physical ability, but to also put distance between ourselves and the other human being.

    And I have wanted Bob Costas gone for a long time. He’s a long-winded idiot, in love with his own voice, who basically taints every game he narrates.

  4. nk Says:

    And, Bill, I have called NBC to complain about Costas. I got some girl in India. đŸ˜‰

  5. BarryinPA Says:

    I was so upset with Costas’s despicable remarks regarding our 2 amendment rights that I called Toyota (their toyoto tundra commercial followed Costas). I told them that I will never buy a Toyota product again unless they force NBC to punish Costas

  6. Alien Says:

    Why stop at sports? I don’t watch or follow the NFL (thanks, Unc, for the “National Felon League” quip – I’ll start using it) so I didn’t see Costas, but he wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t have protection – and support for his position – all the way up the organization (don’t forget that NBC is jointly owned by Comcast and General Electric).

    I killed cable (wasn’t Comcast, I’d do without because of all the Comcast horror stories I’ve heard) several years ago because I decided to no longer pay a steadily-increasing number of dollars for 200 channels of steadily-increasing crap, so what very little TV I watch is either broadcast or online. It is no trouble at all for me to delete the NBC affiliate from my on-air channel list, and let them know why.

    And, while I’m at it, I’ll ‘splain why there are no GE appliances in my house, nor will there ever be.

  7. Garrett Says:

    I totally agree with what you’ve posted .. Last night I couldn’t believe what I was hearing at halftime. Fire Bob Costas!

  8. Bram Says:

    Just confirmed what I have always thought of Costas. An idiotic blowhard. If I had been watching the game, I wouldn’t have heard his comments because I can’t change the channel fast enough when he starts one of his monologues.

  9. metulj Says:

    There’s a lot of culpability around this. Guns? Not so much, but the NFL is going to be out of business if it doesn’t get control of the medical side of things. Head injuries, handing out oxycontin and Opana like candy, hard partying, ultraviolence on the field. It’s a recipe for producing sad situations like this one. Instead of Daddy beating you into a depressed, wracked with pain killer, it’s your job.

    I am with you though. I don’t even watch football that much anymore. Give me SailingTV on Roku. Ommmmmmmmmmmm.

  10. Bryan S. Says:

    Someone explain to that man the legalities of murder.

  11. rickn8or Says:

    I don’t watch TV or sports, but I most especially don’t watch TV or sports for some talking head’s political opinions.

  12. HL Says:

    Sorry to disagree, guys. It’s hard, on the soul, to kill somebody up close and personal. Faulkner had a story about ex-soldiers could only kill an enemy with rifles from a distance of 75 yards. I believe it. That’s why we have guns. Not just to equalize the physical ability, but to also put distance between ourselves and the other human being.

    The wife and child of Chris Benoit probably would have preferred their husband/father used a gun:

    I don’t think lunatics care about how hard it is on their souls.

  13. John Says:

    I am totally against anyone who thinks that guns kill people and refuse to hold the criminal responsible. I would love to help on the fight to fire Bob Costas. Is there an online petition somewhere?


  14. G.O.L.D. Says:

    Right wing blowhard Colin Cowherd on ESPN was all in love with Costas for voicing his opinion on this matter, which Colin said is validated by Costas being successful at what he does. He also was down with Ted Nugent on guns, whom he said is also validated by being successful.

  15. Sean Says:

    While the NFL might be equally without clue, “NBC” is the acting organization, so boycotting NFL games broadcast on other networks (not Sunday night) is a bit misguided.

  16. Old NFO Says:

    I’m waiting to hear the backstory on this one, and he could have killed her with his fists… I’m betting domestic violence WAS there. Costas and others are idiots, parroting their pablum for the masses. NBC wasn’t on last night, because of their previous stands, and I’m glad…

  17. Jeffersonian Says:

    Someone should explain to Whitlock and Costas that Belcher didn’t kill his girlfriend becaause he possessed a firearm. He killed them because he possessed the emotional maturity of a two-year old.

  18. wizardpc Says:

    Jeffersonian: But then you wouldn’t have an evil CEO to blame this on.



  20. Steve Johnson Says:

    Cars kill people so lets ban them too. NBC was low on my list anyway.

  21. Joshua Says:

    HEY BOB come to my house and try to take my gubs PLEASE. your are not paid for your political views. you are paid to discuss football. shut the F up.

  22. G.O.L.D. Says:

    Joshua – no one wants your gubs, whatever those are.

  23. steve rose Says:

    Costas is just another obama scum sucker thats in love with himself, and the newspaper moron from KC is riding his coat ta
    ils for his minute of fame. My family and i will not watch anymore nbc….nazi broadcasting communists programs or buy any gen electric products. Furthermore, i will not give up my guns without taking a few people with me that try to take them away….go ahead and try me…..MAKE MY DAY!

  24. HL Says:

    I am going to miss Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec. He wouldn’t agree with Costas though, so it makes it easier.

  25. Kasper Says:

    I guess Bob has forgotten about O.J. He killed his ex and didn’t use a gun.

  26. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Now, cool down, both of you. As an avid gub collector, even without sporting purposes, I might be interested, but only in a mutually consensual transaction (get your head out of the gutter, yes you!) at an agreed upon price.

  27. randall koch Says:

    Costas is a sportscaster, not policy maker. Bob, guns gone, next baseball bats and forks and knives? I’ve listened to your commentary in the past with respect, not now. You have now gone into the realm of who cares. Sad!!!

  28. Big West Says:

    Does anybody remember Jimmy the Greek? He was fired and ran out of the broadcasting business for making what was considered an off-hand racial slur, and wasn’t even on the job. Does this mean, then, that someone can lose their livliehood over a racial slur, yet another lives on, even when publicly (nationally, no less) questioning the validity of our very Constitution? And that doesn’t beg the question as to who in the hell authorized that type of forum to be allowed anyway? Both Costas, as well the “BOSS” who gave the go-ahead, need to be fired–period. And if there isn’t a financial backlash against the NFL/NBC tandem’s sponsors, one needs to be started. This leftist garbage has gone on just about long enough.

  29. Jason Helmholz Says:

    We turn to sports as a national past time and a wayto bond as a community. We need commentary at times, yes. What we don’t need is broadcasters with a personal agenda! Bob Costas’ attempt to infringe on my rights is unacceptable! If he spoke out against a race – you would have already fired him. Like a race attack, this was an attack on a large group of american citizens! Fire him! There are many talented SPORTS reporters out there. We don’t need this guy.

  30. wade kimber Says:

    i watch ever nfl game and love the sport. but i will not be watching any game bob costas is involved in.

  31. Tom Says:

    You can still watch and enjoy SNL, if Bob Costas is still there next Sunday night, just contact every advertiser (they all have websites) and let them know you are boycotting them since they are supporting SNL and Bob Costas. The only thing those greedy liberal idiots at NBC will notice is if they are hit in the wallet. Let NBC know upfront what your plans are so they have time to fire Bozo Bob. They should give Costas an NBC News anchor position where we expect there to be a huge liberal bias, but it has no place in sports.

    Like ·

  32. J. Forman Says:

    Bob Costas is a fucking idiot who has no sense of the obvious. If Belcher had no gun he would have stangled his girlfriend. Costas totally missed the fact that by having a gun, Belcher saved the taxpayers of Kansas City probably a couple of million dollars of cost for a trial and incarceration. NBC, the voice of the far left wing, continues to employ morons like Costas who robotically spew NBC’s left wing manifesto no matter what the news subject is.

  33. Ted N Says:

    I guess his assistant was sick that week. You know, the one that keeps him on track?

    “Just call the fuckin game, Bob.”
    “No, nobody wants to know your political opinions, Bob. Call the fuckin game.”
    “People wanna know about the game, not your opinion of guns, Bob. Now call the fuckin game.”

  34. NKis Amoron Says:

    NK youre a moron, yes i said it. hey jerk,maybe you can explain Nicole Brown Simpson also? omg get a clue you dumbass

  35. Bruce Says:

    In addition to Bob Costas being a twit and annoying, now we have to hear his commentary on gun control. I’ve heard he has a terrible reputation and people that have met him think is extremely arrogant.

    I would be happy if he shifted to ice skating for sports talk, then I would not have to listen to him anymore.

    On another note, it sure looks like he is sporting a toupee – any thoughts?

  36. will wolford Says:

    i will not watch nbc until costas is fired.we have a lot of cable channels.don’t need costas’s rant about about we do away with the first ammendment before we go to the second.

  37. J3player Says:

    Is not anything sacred!!! I can’t even watch a football game without hearing the rantings of a madman. NBC owes me an appology. Costas should write his congressman to express his ignorance. I hope not to see him do another game

  38. Joel Chaney Says:

    “We can’t blame Bob Costas… we need to blame his microphone for the words he used.”
    [I] don’t blame his microphone. That would be like blaming guns for the actions of a violent individual.
    No, clearly Costas’ actions are the result of a chronic, volatile mix of prescription drugs and alcohol and lack of self control.

  39. Says:

    fire his arrogant personality