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I’d rather write my name on it like a good super villain

But the US once had plans to nuke the moon

5 Responses to “I’d rather write my name on it like a good super villain”

  1. ankle Says:

    You sound awfully confident in that past tense…

  2. comatus Says:

    I hope that’s not a reference to “Snowbanks of Life.”
    Strangely, this all occurred *before* the Heinlein threat in Harsh Mistress. And one of the “conspirators” was Carl billlions-and-billions Sagan. Pfft. Some super-villain.

    “Plan” has a particular meaning in the military. We have a “plan” to defend ourselves from a Canadian invasion, for instance. Doesn’t mean we can do it. We’re only batting about .500 so far.

  3. John Farrier Says:


  4. mikee Says:

    One of my favorite blog sites gained its official notoriety by making outrageous claims about more popular bloggers and, more importantly, by suggesting the US nuke the moon, to demonstrate to the world we are so crazy that it would be suicidal to mess with us.

  5. Nathan Says:

    Frank J. Fleming is, in fact, a genius.