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December 31, 2012

Have happy new year. And be safe

From all of us here at SayUncle (which means me), hope you have a great one.

It’s OK when affluent white people do it

Politico says the Gregory investigation is silly and ridiculous. And also notes that Gregory is under investigation, out of headlines. But this:

Those who argue that the investigation is ludicrous have a point: Showing an empty gun magazine on television, though illegal in Washington, D.C., was hardly going to harm anyone.

Sure. And anyone possessing one isn’t going to harm anyone. If they’re the right people, right?

How effective would X gun law be at stopping a mass shooting?

Not very. Truth is, there’s very little we can do about mass murder. Connecticut’s assault weapon ban didn’t work. And such laws are just unlikely to stop or diminish such deaths.

This congressman says such laws wouldn’t have stopped this guy but let’s pass them anyway. I think. It’s what you do instead of something.

What media bias?

Moving opinion, not reporting it.

I’d like to report a crime

Seems the DC police have a page to file a police report online. Well, I did see David Gregory break gun laws on national TeeVee.

Via reader Rob K.

The mass shooting that wasn’t

And the one you never heard about. Because the shooter was stopped.

Pants shitting hysterics

On the one hand, I’m amused at the use in this hysteria-ridden piece of the term ‘Newtown’-style assault rifle

Wow. I’ve got a couple of ‘Newtown’-style rifles and handguns. I also have a ‘Newtown’-style SUV and some ‘Newtown’-style ammo.

Pretty ridiculous.

Get to work

Specific Steps You Can Take to Oppose the Coming Obama/Biden Gun Controls

Also, contact your federal and state reps!

Guns and schools

In Utah, 200 teachers take a gun training course.

We must ban schools. For the children.

The economics of gun control

It’s expensive

On the first day of congress

Feinstein gave to me
A ban on standard magazines.

Are mass shootings really random events?


Gun Boom

pdb’s Guide To Surviving the 2012-2013 Gun Frenzypocolopse

AR-15 for trade. Heh.

Stumpies custom guns!

It’s the NRA’s fault

The NRA hits 1.8M likes on facebook. And a huge increase in searches for NRA membership.

However, in this national conversation on guns, they want the NRA out of it. It’s not a discussion, it’s a lecture. Shut up and get out of the way.

Has the NRA hijacked gun politics? no.


Gannett, needing some page views, will publish all NY permit holders. What’s the purpose? Well, we know the answer. It’s intimidation and bullying, an attempt to ostracize a group of people.

Anti-gun people want ‘big data’ on gun owners. Pretty scary stuff that they want to keep tabs on law-abiding people exercising an enumerated right.

The thing we have working for us is that our opponents are stark-raving mad lunatics.

And in David Gregory news


You may have thought they did, but that’s because you’re stupid wingnuts who are also idiots. Just because Mr. Gregory called for more gun laws by breaking existing gun laws, that doesn’t mean he should suffer the same consequences that anybody else would. Because shut up.

We should just enforce the laws on the books and arrest David Gregory. That that hasn’t happened yet shows you how serious our opponents are about gun control.

Gun control is in the news. Have you heard about it?

Let’s recap some of the silliness that happened while I was not blogging for the holiday.

The NRA looks at Feinstein’s new gun bill. The odds of this bill passing are about zero.

A look at the polls, most support gun control but most oppose a ban on self-loading rifles.

Obama will push for a gun ban in 2013

The key bit: Experts say it is unlikely new gun control legislation will pass Congress.

Donald Kaul: Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Not a fan of the first or second amendment.

Consider the source

But I read on the internet that if I wear one, I’ll be shot first

A look at vests

Over 100 years old

Semi-auto from 1905

Attorney to sue school after mass shooting

For failing to protect students from foreseeable harm.

Gun Porn

Christmas guns

More Christmas guns

Review: Glock 40 Gen 4


December 28, 2012

DC Police Union Head: This shows laws are for little people

Seen at Emily Miller’s. Well, Mr. Baumann, go arrest him.

Also, why are the police still “investigating”. The crime has been witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. And occurred right next to the head of the NRA, who I’m guessing would be considered an expert witness on guns. Maybe that’s why Gregory is taking the day off.

Layers of editorial oversight

Or, you know, that actually is a Glock 1911.

Big business

Gun hating politicians in NY gave Bushmaster $6M.

Guess that’s why those companies stay in anti-gun states.

Where mass shootings are mostly unsuccessful

Where people are armed.

Flip side being the shooter got his gun from a police officer.


NRA more popular than congress. And the press.


Have you called your federal representatives yet? Well, get to it.

Simulated school shooting

Not sure what this is about but it is interesting.


Media bias against guns!

Firearms Consulting

For how to pick your first gun