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21 Responses to “This”

  1. pdb Says:

    This makes no sense. Is this a handegg thing?

  2. HL Says:

    Well, if they do get past ‘bama, the GA Bulldogs and Mark Pricht could easily choke on the Irish, though they should win on paper.

    Fire Dooley.

  3. Old NFO Says:

    LOL, either way it’s going to be interesting! 🙂

  4. MattW Says:

    Go Irish!!

  5. Lyle Says:

    I guess this is a sports thing? Or something.

  6. Caleb Says:

    I eagerly await the absolute ass-whipping that the Irish are going to receive.

  7. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Go Dawgs, but Alabama will be the ones destroying the Irish.

  8. Gmac Says:

    ND is the team coming to play in the BCS because they have an ‘unblemished’ record. The UF Gators beat 4 top ten teams before they lost to UGA and I thing Georgia is going to lose.

    ND stands as much chance of winning as a snowball in hell, and I’d give the snowball better odds.

  9. Gmac Says:

    /sigh… think, not thing.
    Sadly, no alcohol was involved.

  10. Crawler Says:

    Great cartoon.

    My money is on the Crimson Tide winning it all…

  11. Critter Says:

    i figure about halfway into the third quarter Saban puts in the waterboys and cheerleaders for some field time.

  12. HardCorp Says:

    Go Ducks!

  13. comatus Says:

    Oh, I’d give any of them even odds against Ohio State in the Recruiting Violations/Gold-Pants-for-Tattoos Bowl. If I were to wager illegally on amateur sports, that is.

    If cheaters really did choke, Heimlich would rule the world by now.

  14. Bill Says:

    Not so sure. Notre Dame can stop the run, Georgia can’t.

    Might be a better game than you all seem to think it will be.

    I’d still prefer it to be Oregon, though!

  15. Kristophr Says:

    If there is no shooting involved, it isn’t really a manly sport.

  16. comatus Says:

    Maybe just a tad extreme, Kris. I’d allow javelin and archery, for sure. And the first time I see a football with a lit fuse, they’re in my olympics. But not until.

    Some audacious scholars call golf “Scottish artillery,” but I’m not biting on that. It’s still a good smallbore range spoil’d.

  17. chris Says:

    Football is a bore.

    And you cannot escape it.

    It is the default topic of conversation with many, many people.

    I prefer boxing and car racing over football.

    It’s a shame we don’t have bullfighting here in the US, because I suspect I would like it, too.

  18. Roberta X Says:

    It’s rigged, Chris, just like pro wrestling or professional chess.

  19. Kristophr Says:

    comatus: Golf played with muzzleloading Cohorn Mortars, and larger holes in the green would be awesome and manly.

  20. Sendarius Says:

    Shotgun golf, anyone?

    Matchplay pairs – one with a shotgun, the other with golf clubs.

    Get the ball to the green – golfist wins the hole.
    Shoot the ball while it is in the air with the shotgun – shootist wins the hole.

  21. Tam Says:


    How many points does the shootist lose if he Cheneys the golfist?