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Rand Paul states obvious

It’s not worded this way but, yeah, the republicans should stick to that fiscally conservative and not so much the socially conservative.

6 Responses to “Rand Paul states obvious”

  1. boxty Says:

    Moron thinks we can limit the size of government by caving into liberal social policies.

  2. Bobby Says:

    Certanly arent seeing another office, ever by talking about “legitimate rape” and the such.

    Dropping the hocus-pocus(religion)-driven legislation will gain even more votes.

  3. mikee Says:

    Is there an argument to be made successfully in this era, that the federal government should have no role in social questions like abortion (leave it up to the states or doctors)?

    Or is Leviathan grown so huge that the only question is which side attempts to steer it?

  4. HL Says:

    There is no place for social conservatism in politics anymore. We should proudly enter our era of Cultural Hedonism and enjoy our bread and circuses while the barbarians overrun the frontier. That should work out fine.

    On the legitmate rape point, that was a dumb comment…but what he should have said was “forcable rape.” He would still have been wrong, but at least it would have been harder for the left to find outrage. If there was a such thing as a biological resistance to conception in cases of rape…it probably wouldn’t do much to hinder a 15 year old getting knocked up by her 18 year old boyfriend, even if the law calls it rape.

    People say dumb things all the time. Conservatives always pay a higher price for doing so.

  5. SD3 Says:

    I’d respectfully submit the central tenet of this policy is that, if you get the fiscally conservative part ‘right’, the whack-o social behavior will “take care of itself”.
    I.e., a loose wallet encourages loose behavior.

  6. Zendo Deb Says:

    Let’s see… we could reduce the size of government AND increase taxes by legalizing marijuana and taxing it. And close down an entire arm of a bureaucracy that is a dismal failure.

    And make no mistake. The War on (some) Drugs is a failure. And contributes to the rising size of government and police powers. (no knock warrants?)

    But we can’t have that. Forget about limiting the roll of government, or reigning in an out-of-control law-enforcement community or just ending a government program that has been a dismal failure. F-you, it’s for your own good!

    After that, the effort to outlaw all abortions (and maybe even a big piece of birth control) is sure to win the hearts and minds of the independent voter. (Latest Gallop poll finds more people believe abortion should be legal in every case than should be illegal in every case, and that doesn’t count the MAJORITY of people who think it should at least be legal some of the time.) That is a winning position.

    Even the good-old-standard motivate-the-hate-vote by putting gay-marriage on the ballot didn’t win.

    Have I missed a social concern of the Right? Maybe they should try to outlaw divorce while they are at it. You know, to save straight marriage from itself. Or we could get every city in America to waste millions of dollars on legal fees fighting to put the 10 commandments in every court house or whatever. That might work….

    Maybe Republicans should try to win the Left or the Middle by enacting a new entitlement – say prescription drugs – or increasing the bloat in the Dept. of Education. I mean what is a bit more debt next to winning elections? Because nothing makes people vote for Republicans as when they act like Democrats.

    As for Akin, he didn’t pay a price for using the wrong word. He paid a price for not having a clue about the impact rape can have on a woman. He and the idiot from Indiana paid the price for thinking their religious beliefs should dictate everything. No room for other beliefs because they are right and the rest of us are damned. And if the damned don’t want to vote for Republicans well they will just have to win elections without us. Or not, as the case may be.