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Kids and medical marijuana

People are upset that it, in pill form, is being used to treat a sick child. Also worth noting is that the drug used to treat that kind of pain contains synthetic THC.

8 Responses to “Kids and medical marijuana”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    People that are so upset about Medical Marijuana should be sentenced to watching a loved one barfing their brains out during chemotherapy.

    Watched my Mom and now watching best friend to that. Give ’em whatever keeps their food down, regardless of the age involved.

  2. nk Says:

    Marinol is not “medical marijuana”. It is an FDA approved drug that has been around for a long while as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, Zofran, dramamine, and morphine, to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. Whoever made an issue of this, in terms like “medical marijuana”, is an idiot.

  3. nk Says:

    The problem with the pill form is that it gets thrown up, too, before it gets a chance to work. The lungs are the best delivery system but they don’t market it in nebulizer, and smoking is not the delivery system for a child. So it’s sublingual morphine drops? Like morphine is more child-friendly?

  4. TIM Says:

    I want to know when the first law suit comes out against the growers for giving the people CANCER from Smoking IT!!!!!!!!

  5. Geodkyt Says:

    Marinol IS medicine. Weed is not.

    The difference is control of the active ingredients. NOT the fact that people who cannot swallow pills CAN smoke weed.

    Aspirin is medicine, willow bark tea is not.

    Morphine is medicine, smoking gum opium is not.

    It comes down to repeatable and reliable doseage control and control of harmful by-products.

    With “natural” marijuana (these days it is no more “natural” than GMO corn), you simply do NOT know what the patient is ACTUALLY consuming, because the rations of active ingredients can vary wildly ON THE SAME PLANT, much less environmental differences in growing, harvesting, and storage for plants from different fields or ends of the same field. Smoking (if the problem with marinol is that you can’t keep oral medicine down, kinda limits your options) it simply compounds the differences, adding in variables in lighting temperatures, purity of lighting flames, humidity at point of burining, HOW you are consuming it, including how two different simple pipes can create different chemical mixes in teh inhaled smoke due to things as simple as different dimensions, etc.

    Also overlooks the fact that there is no reason why marinol HAS to be administered orally. pretty much ANYTHING that can be administered orally can be administered as a suppository. Which is the USUAL route for treating uncontrollable vomiting.

    NO– “medical marijuana” is actually cover for the 90% of proponants who really want RECREATIONAL marijuana.

    Of course, I have no problem treating weed like alcohol. I just object to teh unscientific, logically fallacious, and simple dishonest labelling of a smoking product MORE injurious to the user than tobacco, with ZERO medical benefit over actual medicines, as “medicine”. Sell it in the liquor store, and feel free as a sovereign adult to smoke all you want, but be honest AND scientifically accurate about what you’re doing.

  6. Jake Says:

    the cannabis oil likely contains at least 50 or 60 different chemicals with unknown long-term health effects.

    THIS is why marijuana is NOT medicine.

    Geodkyt hits the other high points.

  7. Divemedic Says:

    Well, that, and the fact that big pharma doesn’t make money from a plant that anyone can grow in their yard.

  8. Geodkyt Says:

    Divemedic — I don’t care WHAT the plant is.

    Raw plants, grown under varying conditions, prepared, stored, and consumed under varying standards under varying conditions, are not “medicine”.

    Lack of control and consistency among the active ingredients is why — which is ALSO why pills from unknown sources (your super-cheap meds, supposedly from Canadian pharma channels, but actually more likely to be from Southeast Asian black market ones) aren’t really “medicine”, either, since you can’t be sure WHAT the Hell you’re actually taking.

    Of course, producing carefully controlled chemicals in precisely controlled doses, with precisely controlled release rates, and screening very carefully for unintended byproducts* takes experience, training, and a rpofessional setup. ENSURING the producers have this takes money and requires the manufatcurers have certain specific certs, equipment on hand, and very specific procedures. All of this costs money.

    * Prime example, (albeit outside pharmaceuticals, it IS one where the end results are widely known) the danger with Agent Orange WASN’T the herbicide — it was that many of the batches had high levels of dioxin contamination from a new chemical process they switched to mid-production. Dioxin-free batches of it WERE harmless to humans. problem was, NO ONE (not even the US Gov’t inspectors) thought the new, more efficient production method would have dioxin as a byproduct — after all, it passed all the contractual test requirements, so they didn’t label the dioxin-tainted batches with any special label to indicate it was “different”. If you got directly sprayed with batch “X” (pre-dioxin), no big deal. If you got sprayed with Batch “Y” (post-dioxin), years later you got all sorts of weird sick, and you have kids with serious birth defects. But the official spraying records generally didn’t SPECIFY the lot number and batch of what was used in a specific mission. (Why would they? They don’t list the lot numbers on ammunition fired in combat in the official combat reports, either. That info is in the SHIPPING documents.)

    The only way to track which Agent orange was “bad” was tracking Batch and Lot numbers through shipping documents — which is harder to do on combat munitions when you only start investigating the logistics papertrail YEARS later. . .