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Illegal Mayors

For a long time, the fact that Mayors Against Illegal Guns committed crimes at a higher rate than those who can lawfully carry guns was subject to a lot of blog humor. It happens a lot.

Glad to see the press notice.

4 Responses to “Illegal Mayors”

  1. Dave Says:

    You’re going to want to look into one of his newest mayors, Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer of Reading PA.

    Vaughn is a convicted felon. Back in the 1980s Vaughn beat the crap out of his girlfriend (Broke her shoulder) and then fought with the cops who showed up – ramming one of them through a door and throwing him off a porch.

  2. mikee Says:

    Noting the felony convictions among MAIG is amusing, but it is also an example of a fallacious ad hominem argument that is not convincing regarding their stance on gun laws.

    They could all be baby-eating space aliens and their arguments about gun laws would not be affected in the least.

    I’d prefer them to go away. Maybe pointing out their members’ felonies will help get them to do that, but pointing out that their gun law proposals are idiotic is a more effective method of refuting their actions.

  3. Dave Says:

    With more mayors being duped into joining this group, we’re going to have the keep the heat on them one by one and pressure them to drop out of the group. If MAIG membership falls, so will their relevance. It’s no secret that nanny Mike is funding some of these smaller mayors when they run for state house positions. If we don’t make being an MAIG mayor a liability the the group will continue to grow.

  4. Linoge Says:

    Good to see the media catching up with reality… it only took them, what, a few years?

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