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Portable Emergency Battery

Mentioned this company before and found out they’re here in TN. Here’s one of the portable batteries that has my interest. I’m hoping they let me play with one.

5 Responses to “Portable Emergency Battery”

  1. Bill Harrison Says:

    Yes, we are in Pulaski, TN. Out in the sticks, which we prefer. Nice to take a break from production and have a little friendly competition on the company range…

    The response so far to the ReVolt has been incredible. As we ramp up production, our delivery is getting better. We are looking at just 5 days or so now from order to shipment.

  2. ric Wilkinson Says:

    I have used this device its awesome I have used it for emergency lighting for rescues . Its falling off tables onto hardwood floors and kicked across the room. Its falling out of vehicle s on to concrete and it just works. Can t say enough about

  3. bc Says:

    I’ve seen the Revolt in use, as well as Harrison’s Juicebox and TuffPup. In fact, I’ve got an order in for a Juicebox myself. Good, robust high-quality gear !!

  4. JMosesB Says:

    I wouldn’t buy from them. Not a reliable business:

  5. SayUncle Says:

    That’s not them.