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Hostess Shrugs

Proof nobody likes Zingers:

20 Responses to “Hostess Shrugs”

  1. M.Smith Says:

    *head shake* Never thought I’d see the day in America.

  2. Roadkill Says:

    No one like THOSE zingers. The normal chocolate or vanilla ones are great. I snagged the last box this morning.

  3. David Says:

    Apparently the team leader of the Hostess employees on strike blames Mitt Romney for Hostess closing their doors. Not Michelle Obama who has been discouraging people to eat this kind of food. Not the current president who has increased the cost of doing business in America. Obviously not themselves. They blame a guy who ran for president and didn’t win who has no control over their employment. Wow.

  4. Anthony Says:

    Actually, you used to be able to get Boston Creme Zingers that were filled with a custard instead of a cream. Those were awesome. I haven’t been able to find them in years though.

  5. Crotalus Says:

    I heard that the White House is floating a petition to have government nationalize the company.

  6. nk Says:

    They won’t be called Hostess, but if I can make angelfood cake with custard cream anybody can.

  7. Jerry Says:

  8. Ruth Says:

    People are stocking up here too. I can’t get to the grocery store till monday, but I totally expect the shelves to look like that. They did at the gas station today!

  9. JFM Says:

    Here in Anchorage, the only large commercial bakery is owned by Hostess. It shut down Friday. The workers here were NOT on strike. The delivery guys were informed they were out of work by text. The bakery’s customers were told by the delivery guys or not at all. This is really rocking my town. The bakery has been operating since before Alaska was a state. No more “2000 miles fresher”.

  10. Laughingdog Says:

    I enjoy the “non-raspberry” Zingers, as well as some other Hostess things. But I just can’t see stockpiling on them. They’re a convenient snack on the road. But seriously, the space stockpiling that would take up could be used to store things to make stuff that’s really good to eat. Hell, I keep 10-15 Ghirardelli baking bars (60% and 100% cacao) on hand just in case I want to make something one evening.

  11. Old NFO Says:

    Yep, same in the store last night, that is why I put up the DIY version today… 🙂

  12. Ted N Says:

    Zingers are for Marxists.

  13. Grayson Says:

    Just heard the other day, on News 1130 (in Vancouver) that Hostess Twinkies will continue to be produced and sold, in Canada. Only.
    Apparently, the Canadians DON’T have the same union that buggered up Hostess in the U.S.

    Unfortunately, it means that people will have to drive a ways to get their Twinkie fix…. 😉

  14. Hippies Suck Says:

    Hey union geniuses, hope you have fun when the Hostess Phoenix rises from the ashes in a right to work state and you won’t have your 372 plus collective bargaining agreements which were the actual case of this failure.

    Suck it union dumbasses. You’re fired. And you did it to yourselves. Perfect. You are too stupid to evolve into a modern America.

  15. Ted N Says:

    Hope the houses get cleaned out management and the union guys. Heard that management’d been screwing them and giving themselves raises for awhile now.

    Go Nhilism!

  16. Kristophr Says:

    Hippies Suck: The problem is that bakeries like that need to be local to keep the product fresh.

    Someone WILL buy hostess … the people in blue states will just not be getting fresh product, since it will have to be shipped in from free states.

    Ted N: This was why Bain was brought in. They pumped in 130 million dollars, fired upper management, and asked the unions to take similar measures to keep the company afloat.

    The unions refused.

    So now Baine is going to sell the assets and intelectual property to the highest bidder via bankruptcy court as the secured investors, and the unions can go sod off. As long as the bakers get their last paychecks, they don’t get a say in the bankruptcy.

  17. Hippies Suck Says:

    “Someone WILL buy hostess the people in blue states will just not be getting fresh product, since it will have to be shipped in from free states.”

    Fuck the Blue States. And forget them. Let them merge with Canada. Let them stand on their own.

  18. Kristophr Says:

    Those blue states consist mostly of red counties.

    The socialist monkeys should not be allowed to have them.

  19. JKB Says:

    Heard today that the union idiots hope someone will buy the company and rehire them. yeah right.

    More likely scenario is that the Mexican company will buy the brand, make the Twinkies in Mexico where sugar isn’t held at a high price by the government. And even if they impose tariffs to prevent the imports, the illegals crossing the border will just carry a case or two to fund their new life.

  20. JKB Says:

    Oh, I forgot to include. The Twinkie Cartels on the Mexican border could become a threat but it does look like we’ll have plenty of Zingers to throw at them.