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Where Great Britain Used To Be

Soldier accidentally brings home war trophy, gets charged. You can only have guns in service of the queen.

3 Responses to “Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. Jeff Powell Says:

    This absolutely outrageous. What a bunch of pricks. If I were the police I would not do such a thing to a hero like this man is. You don’t get into the SAS sitting on your ass in some government office pushing papers. This guy deserves that nations respect. Instead he is being treated like a criminal.

  2. Corey Says:

    Can’t find a link to it now, but from memory a while back (2-3 years, maybe) there was a story in the UK media about an ex-soldier who found a discarded shotgun in his backyard. He made it safe, wrapped it, and took it to the police station in order to hand it in, only to be charged with possession of a lethal weapon and tossed into jail.

    In Britain, as in many places these days, the police are not your friends. Help them at your peril.

  3. Ted N Says:

    Yep, cops aren’t your friends, and neither is the Queen. Thanks for your service, now kindly please go fuck yourself.