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Our chief spy

His girlfriend had classified info on her PC. I’m less concerned about that and more concerned that the head of the CIA doesn’t know that there’s this thing called encrypted email. Like the kind he probably uses at work all the time.

5 Responses to “Our chief spy”

  1. Jake Says:

    No kidding. It’s even free.

  2. Joseph B Campbell Says:


  3. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    Maybe, but almost all email within the DoD is encrypted now as SOP. Also most of the intelligence services operate mainly on the classified internet.

    I wonder what exactly was on her unclassified PC. If it’s clearly marked classified materials, then that’s a problem. On the other hand it’s pretty easy to get yourself in trouble just by jotting down enough unclassified but sensitive office hearsay in someplace like the CIA.

  4. Gerry Says:

    One thing I learned pretty quickly was there was Need to Know and Want to Know.

    The second one would get your ass burned.

  5. Geodkyt Says:

    His work email has pretty transparant encryption, set up for him by the IT guys, and based around his CAC card.

    his home email? Mmmm. . . not so much, because the IT gnomes from the CryptoCave in the bowels of the government office building don’t normally come by your house and set up your personal PC except for beer or hotties in low cut blouses.