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Post Election Firearms Inventory

Down to 81.2%

7 Responses to “Post Election Firearms Inventory”

  1. Mu Says:

    No, down 18%. You can’t just add the numbers ;). Still, quite a boost to the economy.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    D’oh. Left out a word.

  3. Some Guy Says:

    If it was actually a boost to the economy, the next logical step would be to pay police to go out and break windows to force people to spend cash in buying new ones. Wait, I’m going to shut up before I give anyone any ideas.

  4. Laughingdog Says:

    I know I won’t set foot near the gun show hitting town Thanksgiving Weekend.

  5. USCitizen Says:

    Big drop in national distributor inventory levels post-election day.

    In the days and weeks before the election, levels held steady.

    The sudden drop in available inventory indicates to me that retailers were caught off guard when the election results were announced.

    Aas was I.

  6. USCitizen Says:

    Feel free to correct my typo: “Aas” should be “As”.


  7. Jerry Says:

    I’m down to one, the toter. The one I won’t sell. Ok, more than one. But none fore sale. The pretty ones are gone, so my gun trading is on hiatus. The next time I buy a gun, I am going to be soooooo fucking assholish is isn’t funny.