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God bless, Texas

Will Texas Nullify Both NDAA and TSA? Here’s hoping. As to part of what it does:

On Monday morning, Rep. David Simpson (R-Longwood) prefiled The Texas Travel Freedom Act (House Bill 80). If passed, the law would make it a criminal act to intentionally touch “the anus, breast, buttocks, or sexual organ of the other person, including touching through clothing,” without probable cause in the process of determining whether to grant someone access to a public venue or means of public transportation.

Going after the TSA. Good.

4 Responses to “God bless, Texas”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    And, much like the Firearms Freedom Acts in TN, MT, and other states, this will amount to exactly nothing.

  2. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Yep, it will have no actual effect.

  3. RG Says:

    Texas has attempted this previously, and backed down when the feds made verbal threats of one kind or another. And even if they don’t back down this time, I agree with the commenters above that it’s not going to change anything.

  4. Mike Says:

    You wanna make this stick, and actually mean something?

    Here goes:

    “Any State employee, acting in an official or extra-official capacity, who cooperates with federal authorities in the execution of federal statutes under the NDAA, shall be stripped of all sovereign immunity protections under State law, and will be guilty of a First Degree Felony under this section.”

    Bottom line: Any cop working with the Feds under NDAA will be sued into penury; if his union defends him, it will be sued into bankruptcy; and the cop will still be charged with a major felony under State law. Even if the Feds provide some kind of “blanket immunity” that protects him from civil damages, he’s still criminally liable, no matter what. There is no amount of federal goodies (surplus rifles, training grants, armored vehicles) that will convince any Texas cop to risk his freedom and his pension to help the Feds. The dirty little secret of American law enforcement is that the Feds don’t have the manpower to enforce half the crap on the books — it’s the locals that provide the muscle. Use the right stick on the locals, and the Fed statutes are effectively nullified.