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New Double Stack .45ACP

From Sig Sauer, the P227.

They tried this once before with the P221. Here’s a pic of one from SigTalk:

8 Responses to “New Double Stack .45ACP”

  1. NotClauswitz Says:

    A fat-grip can only get fatter. I sold a P220 to get a 1911.

  2. rick Says:

    That’s a pretty ugly piece of iron.

  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I’ve had a Para P12 since 2000, and it’s my EDC. Yeah, it’s a little blockier, but the width is literally within a hair of a 1911. Really comfortable in my hands, anyway.

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Plus, it actually is a 1911.

  5. Rabbit Says:

    10 rounds in the standard capacity mag, 14 in the extended mag? No thanks, I’ll keep my P220 and its 8 rounds in a (somewhat)thinner grip. Its been paid-for for quite some time, which makes it even better.

  6. Matt Says:

    Reminds me of a boa constrictor that swallowed a sheep…

  7. Jeff from DC Says:

    Rabbit, have you tried the hogue g10 grips on your p220? I’ve got a pair for almost every one of my sigs. The p245 g10s should be out in December…they really make a difference in the grip.

  8. AllenF Says:

    FYI, this is NOT the P227. This is the older P221 Unc mentioned.

    I’m hearing the P227 will be the about he same grip size as the P226.