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Why weapon bans are pointless

9 Regular Objects Turned into Insane Prison Weapons

7 Responses to “Why weapon bans are pointless”

  1. Jailer Says:

    We’ve found rope made from braided toiled paper that was stronger than you would think possible.

  2. Jeffersonian Says:

    Friend of mine who once worked for the public defenders office regularly met with inmates to discuss court cases and lawsuits.
    One day a client mentioned to him that he was disappointed to have recieved a sweater for X-mas. While my friend was wondering how he got a gift in prison, the inmate continued “Yeah. I was really hoping for a screamer or a moaner.”

    Totally off topic, but I love the story.

  3. Fin Says:

    @Jailer: Yep, same here. Also, boiling baby oil and water in the microwave makes a nice jail house napalm too. Had one take a face full awhile back, pretty disfigured after that.

  4. Jailer Says:

    Yup, baby oil and water is nasty. Had a guy pretty disfigured and lose an ear from it not long ago. He was lucky they saved his eye.

  5. Fin Says:

    @Jailer, stay safe in there.

  6. chris Says:

    What bothers me the most about prison weapons is what they regard as a holster.

  7. Bryan S. Says:

    chris -> Eww.

    Anyhow, in the limited work I have had with the BOP over the years, Ive learned a few key things.

    1. Its college for criminals.
    2. They have one commodity the rest of us dont have much of… time.
    3. if it can be turned it no a weapon, it will, just a matter of time.