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Lunchtime conversation

Me and one of my subs were eating and I had a plate of crayfish in front of me. Mind you, he’s a black guy who could probably bench press about 400 lbs who we’ll call Victor (because that’s his name):

Victor: Man, how do you eat those?
Me: Well, you grab the tail, pull it out and . . .
Victor: (interrupts) No, I mean, they have eyes. (obviously, the eyes thing bugged him)
Me: Well, I don’t eat the eyes.
Me: (blinks)
Victor: EYES!

I dunno why but it made laugh all day.

14 Responses to “Lunchtime conversation”

  1. SRMC Says:

    I thought all of the best tasting food started out having a face. . .that’s why I steer clear of vegetables.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    It’s no problem if you turn the crawdads facing away from you.

  3. Jerry Says:

    I once took two of my largest, uhhhhm, not as white as me guys for a ride in the truck. Company vehicle. We were sitting at a red light, it was at least 95 d/f. 20 years ago, so forgive me in the details. As we sat at the red light, I noticed something in my side mirror. It was a person, in the turn lane, to my left. I had to tap Richard on his chest, to get his attention. There was someone dressed from head to toe, in black leather. On a black scooter, everything was black.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    I had roughly the same experience with my family a few weeks ago at my Cousin’s wedding (he married a Chinese girl) when the the big ass fish, complete with head and eyes, came out at the Cantonese Restaurant in Brooklyn his wedding reception was at. I dove right in.

    My family looked at my like I had grown the fish head. Hey, it was good fish. It’s not like you eat the head. I think I was the only one eating at that table. The funny thing is, they apparently will bring you takeout for what your table doesn’t eat, even at a wedding. So I got leftovers with the fish head too.

    It was fun, except that Sandy came through and pretty much washed away the place they got married on Staten Island, and the Brooklyn neighborhood they had the reception in didn’t fare too well either, I don’t think.

    But hey, at least if you’re going to have to drink your own urine because there’s no drinking water, it’s pretty difficult to pee more than 16 ounces if you haven’t had much to drink. But I do suppose it’ll still be saltier than Bloomberg would like.

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Head-on fish is fantastic (the neck and cheeks have good meat in them).

    Still some people get really bothered being reminded that their food once had a face.

    Sad how far out of the jungle we’ve come.

  6. RWC Says:

    I can’t be around the head of the pig at a roast. And yes, it’s the eyes. Or maybe the whole head. Dunno.

  7. BobG Says:

    The head of a fish is good for making stock, along with the bones.

  8. Geodkyt Says:

    Bacon starts out with eyes.

  9. Mu Says:

    RWC, how do you eat your Jello? After all, that started out as pig head (and feed, tail etc).

  10. Seerak Says:

    My elder brother as a kid couldn’t stand Jello because of the jiggle. I don’t know what would have happened to him if Mu had shown up and told him about the pig head…

  11. RWC Says:

    Mu, easy. The head isn’t staring at me.

  12. Doug Campbell Says:

    I married a Malaysian lady 13 years ago and I like to say she likes looking into the eyes of her victim at dinnertime. Chinese style cooking (very common in Malaysia) almost always means leaving the head on a fish. We had a Vietnamese friend over last weekend and she brought pigs feet and ears to make a Vietnamese style “headcheese” which we’re still eating. Very tasty.

  13. NotClauswitz Says:

    Some vegetables have the Face of Elvis, those are holy.

  14. Windy Wilson Says:

    My brother won’t eat tongue because of the thought that the tongue might be tasting him, or some stupid reason.
    Once a boss was telling of her time in college as a waitress when she brought a trout to the table of a couple. She took the lid off and the woman screamed. The woman’s husband told her to put the lid back on and go remove the head. My boss was baffled by that reaction.
    I have eaten the eyes out of my steamed fish on numerous occasions. My only complaint about eating unshelled shrimp or crayfish is that there is an awful lot of disassembly required.
    How is Vietnamese Headcheese different from the Germanic variety?