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The market speaks


9 Responses to “The market speaks”

  1. Ted N Says:

    Yeah, that’s not a good sign.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    The only Market that counts is the one where Union Thugs get more benefits, the Welfare Rolls increase, the Coal Plants get shut down w/o any replacement, Taxes go up, Military Spending goes down, and all those Evil Rich Bastards who make more that $25 a year FINALLY get their Comeuppance.

    But Hey! Let’s have a Beer in the Backyard!

  3. Fin Says:


    Let the corrections begin now. That way, all the Obama-bots can begin dumpster diving before the snow falls. It’s going to happen, why not happen now? Why wait?


  4. tincan Says:

    Here’s the same graph, corrected:

  5. Gregory Morris Says:

    Well, RGR and SWHC are both up.

  6. Other Steve Says:

    tincan, thank you I was about to post the same thing.

    I love how manipulation and misdirection are called out on this site, then aren’t such a bad thing when it furthers the local narrative.

    How about we wait another year to look at how the economy and market are doing before using out jump to conclusions mat?

  7. TIM Says:

    Just Along For The Ride!!!!!

  8. pdb Says:

    To be fair, it would have dropped a lot more if Romney had won, since he had promised to fire Helicopter Ben.

  9. Tai Says:

    Tincan, if you stand far enough back, a ravine looks like just a ditch.