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Some good election news

The City (My The City) had a sales tax increase on the ballot. It did not pass but the vote was closer than I thought. More than half of us are smart, at least.

3 Responses to “Some good election news”

  1. Fiftycal Says:

    And jolly good luck to them. Maybe this is where Obamas “national security force, armed like the military” is going to comein. Cuz there isn’t enough “federal police”/ FBI,DEA,ATF,IRS,TSA,unnamed three letter agency personnel to adequately staff New York City. And if state personnel don’t “co-operate” with marijuana investigations, there ain’t shit the feds can do about it. You might not be able to have a store front but you could probably set up at farmers markets or next to a food truck and sell your weed. And unless the feds add a hair sample to the 4473 requirement there will be no way to tell if you are a “recreational marijuana” user.

  2. Fiftycal Says:

    Oops. meant this to go on the states legalize mary jane article.

  3. DAD Says:

    Only the half that voted