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It’s election day

So, consider this the comment thread on that topic. I think I’ll need more whiskey.

18 Responses to “It’s election day”

  1. breda Says:

    The day’s not over yet. You can still make your father proud! Go vote!

  2. Kirkster Says:

    Looks like the cheating has begun… too bad you just can consider the wards where the black panthers have occupied to be compromised and void any results coming from them.

  3. Kirkster Says:

    And go vote dammit…

  4. nk Says:

    The Predidential election is not the only election. Don’t you like of any the commissioners of the water reclamation district? 😉

  5. spud Says:

    Is it legal to carry at the voting place here in Florida

  6. rickn8or Says:

    I would refer you to the words of Roberta X.

  7. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Well, next time, I recommend Voting Absentee (if the Marxists haven’t gained Total Control, that is). I did, and let me tell you, it was very nice to have my Bourbon at hand, pistol on my Hip, and “Flight of the Valkyries” playing in the Background, all from the comfort of my Kitchen Table.

    No Long Lines, no Disarming in the Parking Lot, no IDIOTS running up to me telling me to “VOTE ____!”, very nice.

    And I still got to vote against those Damn Tax Increases.

    And Against Obama/Biden, of course.

    “Try It, You’ll Like It!”

  8. John Farrier Says:

    I think I’ll need more whiskey.

    A proclamation appropriate for every day.

  9. metulj Says:

    Over here in NC, the only person rattling cages as people went to the polls was a Gary Johnson volunteer (same guy who came to my door early in the week). He was making a hell of a conservative case in his little homemade handout. If Johnson had one guy like that at every poll in NC, yoiks for Romney and that edge…

  10. brewerbob Says:

    Another voting cycle where the main issue is controlling my gag reflex.

  11. Jake Says:

    Voting complete. Johnson for president, Republicans for House and Senate (R, D, or “write in” were the only choices there), and “yes” to amend Virginia’s constitution to limit eminent domain.

    It was quick and easy, here. I went on my lunch break, and it just about took more time for me to dig my Voter ID card out of my wallet than I actually spent waiting in line. The thing is, that’s still probably the longest line I’ve ever seen at that particular polling location.

  12. huck Says:

    Brewerbob, every election since 1992 has been that way for me. What ever happened to “candidates” that one wants to vote FOR instead of the lesser evil?

  13. Barron Barnett Says:

    I made sure to down whiskey while filling out my ballot.

  14. JKB Says:

    Well, if Obama wins, can you say President Biden? Benghazi has been building up. FEMA has, well, been FEMA. But Obama has lost the trust of the gunfighters in the military. (retired MOH holder)U.S. GENERAL: OBAMA PARALYZED BY FEAR Obama-Panetta doctrine is not one that inspires men to go into harms way. The cover-up of what really happened in Benghazi will dog Obama. Impeachment is not out of the question. And remember, a president’s second term is not usually as successful as his first.

    The answer is the Obama-Panetta Doctrine. In response to the horrible abandonment of dying Americans in Benghazi, Defense Secretary Panetta said: “(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place.”

  15. The Duck Says:

    I am right now hoping that my state of Ohio does not have it’s collective head up it’s butt, and will vote for the country

  16. anon Says:

    “He Votado Hoy” Chiming in from DC here.

    The fact that my “I Voted” sticker is in spanish seems
    like a metaphor for something…

    I know they had English stickers earlier in the day, because I saw 2 people wearing them, while STANDING IN LINE WAITING TO VOTE AGAIN.

    Keep in mind: DC runs about 92% Democrat, so all races are effectively decided in the Dem Primary – and still, they engage in bald-faced voter fraud in the general election.

    Democrats are corrupt to the phucking core. They just have no concept of what honest even means.

  17. brewerbob Says:


    George Washington was correct. Political parties will be the death of this country. Isacc Asimov wrote a great story called “Imperial Earth”. The method for choosing the president 400 years from now is to let a computer choose the most viable candidate. The candidate must be dragged, kicking and screaming, into office and after 4 years of upstanding service to the country is let go of. Anyone wanting to be president is automatically excluded. The idea of a computer choosing is revolting to many people, but have we done a good job selecting candidates? I would argue not.

  18. rickn8or Says:

    JKB, the military officially has a C-in-C that either freezes up when time comes to make a decision, or bases a decision on how it will affect his chances for re-election. And every soldier, sailor, airman and marine knows it now.

    Nothing will break the spirit or terrify a warrior more. It’s quite one thing to risk one’s life in the accomplishment of an objective, but quite another to be thrown into a meat grinder to save your c-in-c’s political bacon.