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Death penalty for shooting the police who didn’t identify themselves

Mentioned the case before where the police botched a drug raid. They didn’t think anyone was home, ran in with guns drawn, allegedly failed to identify themselves, and opened fire. The guy who was home killed one officer and injured four others. He claims he thought it was a home invasion. He’s now facing the death penalty for defending his home. Four injured, one dead and one facing the death penalty. All over a few pot plants.

8 Responses to “Death penalty for shooting the police who didn’t identify themselves”

  1. teke Says:

    While the outcome does not surprise me.

    I think the outcome is rediculous.

    This could have been any of us. Minus the pot.
    Would the result have been different? I doubt it.

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Spot on teke… This case also proves that you DO NOT NEED a full auto to maim a police swat team..

  3. BobS Says:

    This exact thing happened here in central Fla a number of years ago. Cops pulled a no-knock, 2 AM drug raid on known dealers house figuring he would be asleep. Busted in, popped a couple of flash-bangs and went rampaging through the house in ninja gear. When they got down the hall and his open bedroom door the dealer had awakened out of sleep, pulled his .357 and shot one cop through the side of the vest. The bullet killed him. He was charged with murder of police officer.
    At the trial his defense attorney asked the police chief what the purpose of the falsh-bangs and early morning timing of the raid were. The reply was that they were to disorient and confuse the raid victim.

    Jury only took only a few minutes to rule NOT-guilty….

  4. Mike Says:

    Oh, I doubt the outcome is in doubt at all: Guilty. The widow and orphans will be the icing on the cake, and will seal this miscreant’s fate.

    Then we’ll all hear the next turn of the ratchet — just like we did in Indiana.

    The upshot of this case will be this: If your house is invaded by masked, armed men at 3AM, you must assume they are the police.

    Bonus question: What do you call a State where the Police person is sacrosanct; where resistance against Police violence is illegal in all circumstances (no matter how vile); and where the Police enjoy privileged immunity to rob, beat, maim, and kill?

  5. Jeff from DC Says:

    Mike, where do you live that the police have privledged immunity to rob, beat, maim, and kill? I work in the inner city, and the last time I checked we don’t have privledged immunity to rob, beat, maim, or kill. During Police Week, when cops from all over the world come to tell the same exact stories they told the year prior, no one mentioned their Department as the place to be because of their prilvedged immunity to rob, beat, mailm, and kill.

  6. treefroggy Says:

    Jeff; Evidently DC is a lot different than Fairfax County, right across the Potomac. There the police DO seem to have complete immunity no matter how outrageous the actions. Not only that, but they refuse to release any information on the incidents, even under FOIA.

  7. Jeff From DC Says:

    Treefroggy( if that is your real name), have you personally encountered raging officers in Fairfax, or are just basing your observations off of the media? The media isn’t reliable, period. In twelve years I’ve been personally attacked by the media, based soley on a sensational story. In one incident I was labeled an executioner, and another a violent bigot. When the full facts came out there was no apology or rebuttal, because that isn’t interesting print. Out of every “police brutality” video on youtube, maybe one in ten is a dip$hit officer. The other nine are people going out of their way to bring attention to themselves and appear out of the ordinary, and then freaking out because they can’t control their bodies adrenaline repsonse when they start talking to the police. A cop talking to someone and kicking the tires that is acting like they are on drugs, insane, or have mal intent isn’t a smothering of your constitutional rights, it’s just some guy talking to you. If you talk back or decline to talk in a normal tone, if it’s a normal cop that is probably the end of it. If you’re adrenaline kicks in, your voice goes 4 octaves higher than it should be, and you start rambling like a manic depressant on a bender, then you set off bells and whistles. I’m painting with a broad brush by generalizing, and I’m not defending the dip$hittery that does take place on occasion, as it does in any workplace in any environment. I’m just point out that to the best of my knowledge, I have yet to run into the rogue bands of cops robbing, beating, maiming, and killing people for want of nothing better to do.

    As for the agitator column, it has nothing to do with police brutality. Based on personal experience I take anything I read with a grain of salt-it could be ineptness on the department, it could be a staffing issue, the article could be citing open cases and investigaitons that are exempt from FOIA requests.

  8. Joel Stoner Says:

    What is really sad is how many Home invasion robbers claim to be police, then police wonder why they are getting shot at for breaking into your house at 2am. What ever happened to the police having to knock, and show you the warrant before they could enter?

    In some states they’ve passed laws making it illegal to fortify or booby trap your house to keep police out, or harm them if you are breaking any other law at the time.