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The Art and Science of Close Quarters Battle Pistol

Apparently, it involves carrying two pistols and wearing a gas mask.

4 Responses to “The Art and Science of Close Quarters Battle Pistol”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Wow that looks like how the government does it…

  2. Patrick Says:

    Cannot wait for 5-11 to come out with the tactical rain slicker/gas-mask combo on that book cover. Then we can all look like tactical d-bags who stay current with most recent cool operator of the month.

    Or some of us could just keep it all down low while, you know…take the kids to the park and stuff. But we’re lame, so please ignore us.

    Really. I’d rather be off that radar.

  3. nk Says:

    Didn’t the Germans lose that batlle?

  4. Gerry Says:

    We had a bunch of soldiers shoot the zombie match wearing gas masks.