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Actually, it’s both

Reminder: The Media Isnít Liberal, Itís Statist

3 Responses to “Actually, it’s both”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    And once again, I am reminded of the best way to render the Libertarian party moot – legalize pot.

    I realize taking all the Libertarians I’ve talked to and tallying them up with all the comments and posts I’ve read is still anecdotal in numbers, but it appears that Libertarians talk about pot the way Progressives talk about killing babies – Constantly and as if that’s the end all be all of politics.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m 100% behind legalization. You’re a big boy / girl, you can decide what to ingest. But I honestly believe that the vast majority of support for the Libertarian party would simply be too stoned to care about real liberty or freedom once they get their precious 4:20 Joy Time legalized.

    This Broad Brush Comment brought to you by the Letter 8.

  2. mikee Says:

    Potatoe, Potatoh, Tomatoe, Tomatoh, Progressive Liberal, Progressive Totalitarian.

  3. HSR47 Says:

    Actually, it isn’t liberal, it’s leftist.

    Liberalism is, at it’s core, the idea of individual liberty.

    Leftism is, at it’s core, the idea of a strong state with minimal individual liberties.