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One device to rule them all

I’ve waited a long time for this. I want one box for all my data, computer and internet stuff. Doesn’t matter if I hook it to a TV, keyboard, lapdock, whatever. I want once device to rule them all that I can stick in my pocket. Then hook up to stuff as needed. The three players are Apple, Google and Microsoft. I dismiss Apple outright as they are useless to me. I like Google for the web and phone stuff. They suck at the software side of things, seriously, their documents suck. I like Microsoft for the file management and software type stuff. But they’re web-fu and phone stuff sucks. I picked up a windows phone once and crashed it in 2 seconds. I had a witness who called his boss to ask if I could blog it. The answer was no, btw. But I want one machine to do it all. It doesn’t sound all that hard to do.

Of course, this would kill the business of providing internet, phone, and TV to homes.

Update: Oh and also, windows might lose. It looks to me like Windows 8 is like someone took all this cool phone stuff and stuffed it into a bigger box.

Update 2: Amazon is a fourth player. They’ve wooed me thus far and maybe they will do that with this concept.

29 Responses to “One device to rule them all”

  1. Gregory Morris Says:

    Windows definitely is the way to go now.

    Win8 on the desktop/server + Win RT on the tablet + Win Phone 8 + Xbox 360 == Awesomesauce.

    Everything talks to each other, supports happy cloudness, and incorporates all of the common interweb technologies (Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, etc.) In fact, Win8 even plays happy with Google.

    I’m not in any way biased. Ahem.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I said that, once. Before I knew it, I had about seven remote controls on my coffee table. You dance with the ones you love. Not the stuff you wish you had.

  3. adam Says:

    Apple hater. 😛

  4. Sean Says:

    I’ll give you a pass on account of it being Halloween and you might be jacked up on sugar – but this was a useless post. Let’s instead debate the FN5.7 vs. 45 long colt for close quarters shooting 🙂

  5. Other Steve Says:

    You’re such a tool with your Apple hate. The polar opposite of apple fanboys.

    You can’t be a decent human being if you are entirely one way or the other (Chris Rock about politics, but it applies to everything).

    Go on a pretend an “open” operating system means anything to you, or that if Chinese exploitation is your flavor that your phone isn’t made in an identical factory, or that Google isn’t databasing your habits to sell, or whatever it is that makes you think Apple is shit. Just stop being such a douche about it.

    It’s not different than the shoulder thing that goes up – you have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

  6. nk Says:

    You do know that the conclusion of that stanza is “and in darkness bind them”, right?

    Or is it “send to Sorehed, postage prepaid”?

  7. Sendarius Says:

    “But theyre web-fu and phone stuff sucks.”

    … and THEIR spell-check and grammer-check is not so hot either.

  8. Lottaguns Says:

    Motorola has a thing like that for the Atrix 4G.

    If you use it, ATT says you are tethering and changes your unlimited data contract to limited and charges you a tethering fee.

    Don’t know your if your provider would do that or not.

  9. Bryan S. Says:

    Other Steve.. perhaps you just dont like their software. It is a possibility. I dislike working with Apple software, especially their iOs gear. Only slightly less than I dislike working with linux stuff (that you need a secret decoder ring to figure out)

  10. nk Says:

    Want to start an argument? Say you like Apple. Want to start another? Say you like PC.

  11. Mu Says:

    One device to rule them all, and in darkness bind them…
    I don’t apple, and for anything requiring a keyboard I use windows 7. No experience with 8 yet.
    I do have a Google Nexus 7, and it’s a nice toy. But without the SD slot to swap music in and out it’s very limited in what it can carry. I use my kindle ereader a lot, because the kindle (and nexus) fail at the “can read for a month without recharging” task.
    I just don’t know that I could consolidate into one device. For e-reading and music while traveling, anything past a 7″ device is too cumbersome. For any kind of serious office work I want a 13″ at minimum. One operating system would be nice, but as the tablets for me are specialized devices I can figure out android.

  12. Joe Huffman Says:

    The Windows phone you crashed wasn’t even in Beta yet. That was in May and it wasn’t released until October or Novemeber.

  13. Tam Says:


    Or is it send to Sorehed, postage prepaid?

    Marry me.

  14. bob r Says:

    Anything that provokes that kind of response from Tam has to be looked into: BOTR.

    A discussion (isn’t the web great):
    So in BOTR, Goodgulf’s weapon is described:
    “In his hand he carried an ancient and trusty weapon, called by the elves a Browning semi-automatic.”

    Looks to be a serious deficiency that must be corrected: still available.

  15. bob r Says:

    That last link didn’t make it: still available.

  16. nk Says:

    13.Tam Says:
    November 1st, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Or is it send to Sorehed, postage prepaid?

    Marry me.

    Anytime, Tam. My divorce has been final for nine months.

    Your read the Harvard Lampoon, too? I think I’m on my fourth copy. My friends keep stealing it.

  17. nk Says:

    Here you go, bob r. Safe.

  18. Tam Says:

    Your read the Harvard Lampoon, too?

    Let’s just say that I can quote great swathes of it verbatim. 😀

  19. ben Says:

    I’ve been running Windows 8 on my laptop for a few days and I think it’s great. I was a linux guy before Windows 7.

    “Youre such a tool with your Apple hate.”

    I am also that tool. My Apple hatred is strong. Just look at Steve Jobs’ freaking ugly yacht. Tool indeed.

  20. Gregory Morris Says:

    I’ve had a Windows Phone since February, and it hasn’t had a single problem. There still aren’t quite as many apps as there are for the IOS devices, but most of the big ones are there. I like how it organizes things a lot better, and apps can inter-operate MUCH better than on IOS.

    It also comes with Bing Maps. IOS devices now come with some stupid crappy maps application which is borderline useless.

  21. Sigivald Says:

    One device to do everything is a great way to be very disappointed at most things.

    I far, far, far prefer various dedicated devices that work well together.

  22. Alex Says:

    So close…

    “One device to rule them all, and in the dockness bind them”

  23. alan Says:

    The “one device” mentality brought you the El Camino, the F-111 and the spork. Sure they do some things half-assed but don’t do anything well.

  24. Linoge Says:

    Apple lost any hope of my business when a piece of hardware did not work with the software it was bundled with.

    As for one-device solutions, I would just be happy with a series of devices that could all communicate seamlessly and invisibly with one another and keep various collections of data synchronized effortlessly on whichever ones of them I want. Some systems are close, but most require too much maintenance on my part to be permanent.

  25. Scott Says:

    Linoge, I’d be very interested in knowing which Apple product let you down. With all absence of snark, yours is the first I’ve ever heard of an Apple device not working with its bundled Apple software. The company kind of prides itself on the fact that it designs both the soft and hard side of things.

  26. Geodkyt Says:

    I beg to differ on the F-111.

    Sure it was a joke of a fighter and insanity as a carrier-based aircraft, but as a land based tactical penetration light bomber — unchallenged.

  27. NotClauswitz Says:

    An F-111 as a carrier-fighter could only be improved by being on a super-humongous SUBMARINE aircraft-carrier. Yeh! 😉

    The tactical spork has 10mm, 8mmm and 6mm wrench holes – the MAIN one needs to be a 1911 bushing-wrench shape.

  28. Sigivald Says:

    The F-111 also made a pretty good EW craft, too.

  29. Linoge Says:

    @Scott: iPod Nano, Second Generation, 4GB version, back in 2006. Out of the box, the iPod refused to interface with the iTunes I installed from the CD out of the same box, and refused to even charge through a computer with that version of iTunes installed on it. Neither the iTunes nor the iPod notified me that either/both were running on old versions. Updating both, after discovering they were out of date, did not fix the problem; that actually required the intervention of an actual Mac computer, after which the iPod worked fairly well.

    Yeah, I will pass on that entertainment…