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Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2

A mini review

6 Responses to “Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Beltloop is a good thing. Lack of a sweat shield is not. Salty water can cause problems. Just a thought.

  2. Tam Says:

    I’ll let you know if the Glock starts rusting…

  3. Jerry Says:

    I don’t own a Glock, anymore.

  4. Tam Says:

    No worries on the holster, then, as they only make them for the G-lock.

  5. Jay G. Says:

    Okay, I’d like to point out something here. *THIS* is the power of the internet.

    If I saw an ad for this holster in a gun magazine, I’d take a look, shake my head, and then go on to the next page, never even giving this holster a second thought. Too gimmicky, I’d think; along the lines of the clipdraw or similar.

    But Tam reviewed it and liked it, so it’s worth a second look. I’ve been reading Tam for years, respect her work, and have even been privileged to shoot along side her (she even bummed some ammo! *g*).

    If she says this is a decent holster, I’ll believe it. I might even look into one for my Glock (heck, if it can get me to carry the brick-like G30 again, all the better…)

  6. Jerry Says:

    At Tam and Jay. Verse visa.