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Guns in Libraries

Seems a judge ruled against the libraries and you can tote your heater while getting your read on. I wonder if the activists from Michigan Open Carry included the guy who decided to carry a shotgun in the lieberry.

3 Responses to “Guns in Libraries”

  1. mikee Says:

    Well, they wouldn’t let him carry a concealed handgun, and they would not guarantee his personal safety, so logically his choices were a shotgun or a rifle openly carried.

    Logic sometimes gets used in law, apparently.

    Now people can carry concealed handguns in the library. Everyone is happy. No antigunners see guns, and self defense is not infringed.

  2. karrde Says:

    What I find weird: I don’t remember seeing libraries on the official No-Carry-Zone list for Michigan.

    However, that list does have two versions in State Law, one for licensed Concealed Carry, and an older version for limits on Open Carry.

  3. James Nelson Says:

    The guy with a shotgun was directly the cause of the lower court judge’s order and the overturn by the appellate court. Various bloggers who got all sideways about the shotgun, and who were sure that this “would bring the wrath of those who rule down and ruin it for everybody.” I pointed out to several of them that the guy was perfectly within his rights, Michigan has a strong pre-emption law, and that the liberal lower court judge would be overturned.