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So I can sue the weatherman for the costs of a car wash?

In Italy, scientists were convicted for not predicting a deadly earthquake. So, scientists quit and will no longer advise the state.

Via Phelps, who notes GALILEO SHRUGS

10 Responses to “So I can sue the weatherman for the costs of a car wash?”

  1. mikee Says:

    Oddly enough, the Italian scientists who participated in the UN report on climate change, who signed a report that was wrong about items ranging from the retreat of glaciers in the Himalayas to the last 10 to 15 years of global temperature, have not been charged with anything.

  2. Bill Says:

    C’mon, its Italy, where porn stars become government fixtures, and the Prime Minister has affairs with 16 year olds!

    They convicted Amanda Knox because she “acted funny” after being arrested. No evidence, no DNA, no nothing. Once the evidence was actually reviewed, they had no case and she went free.

    Their justice system is more broke than ours, is anyone actually surprised by this?

  3. Gerry Says:

    I think I will sue my buddy with a PHd in Statistics for not telling me winning Powerball numbers.

  4. comatus Says:

    Something like this happened in this country, after a snag-induced flash flood near the Ohio River when there was no flood warning. Heads rolled at the US Weather Bureau (although none rolled into prison), and the women-and-children-first alarums you hear now, not to mention the gambler’s-percentage forecast format, were the result of the ensuing re-foam movement.

    Seems to me that weather-bureau activism on AGW sprang up about the same time. New People came in, you see.

    mikee, that’s a fascinating precedent you’re positing there. Let’s just watch that Mann lawsuit, shall we? Discovery’s not just a cable channel and retired space shuttle. Somebody might get hockey-stuck.

  5. The Packetman Says:

    Those Italian scientists were not imprisoned because they failed to predict earthquakes; they were imprisoned because they failed to provide prudent recommendations to the populace given the information they had, which was their legal responsibility] as government advisors.

    “I’m not crazy,” Picuti says. “I know they can’t predict earthquakes. The basis of the charges is not that they didn’t predict the earthquake. As functionaries of the state, they had certain duties imposed by law: to evaluate and characterize the risks that were present in L’Aquila.” Part of that risk assessment, he says, should have included the density of the urban population and the known fragility of many ancient buildings in the city centre. “They were obligated to evaluate the degree of risk given all these factors,” he says, “and they did not.”

  6. JTwig Says:

    I was about to point out that they were not charged with failing to predict the earthquake, but Packetman beat me to it.

    The problem was that normally when there are tremors the people of the area traditionally leave their centuries old homes, and sleep outside in the hills until it is safe. This time they were told by the scientist not to do that as their threat assesments, which were never actually done, said they had nothing to worry about. When I say the threat assesments were not actually done, I mean they were written, but the scientist never bothered to actually investigate anything before hand. They just collected their checks.

  7. Paul Says:

    I guess in Italy they think scientist are God, or should be, and thus infallible.

    And when they fail that’s a sign of witchcraft and they be burned at the stake.

    Look I know some of those Global Warming nuts lied, but they were outed and discredited. That is the way it works, not jailed when they make an honest mistake with predictions.

  8. milquetoast Says:

    Speaking of lawsuits, remember Jay Leone the 90 year old guy who after he was shot in the jaw by a home invader he shot the thug 3 times? He is getting sued because the convicted felon and meth addict claims getting shot by the person he was trying to victimize caused “great bodily injury, and other financial damage, including loss of Mr. Cutrufelli’s home, and also the dissolution of Mr. Cutrufelli’s marriage.”

    Do lawyers really wonder why people hate them?

  9. Drake Says:

    The shades haunting Pompei have a smile.

  10. Paul Says:

    Scientist in Italy are now going ‘Galileo”, that is going Galt. They said they would not give any advice or warning from now on.

    And if I was them I would not give the Italian Government the time of day for that matter.