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October 31, 2012

One device to rule them all

I’ve waited a long time for this. I want one box for all my data, computer and internet stuff. Doesn’t matter if I hook it to a TV, keyboard, lapdock, whatever. I want once device to rule them all that I can stick in my pocket. Then hook up to stuff as needed. The three players are Apple, Google and Microsoft. I dismiss Apple outright as they are useless to me. I like Google for the web and phone stuff. They suck at the software side of things, seriously, their documents suck. I like Microsoft for the file management and software type stuff. But they’re web-fu and phone stuff sucks. I picked up a windows phone once and crashed it in 2 seconds. I had a witness who called his boss to ask if I could blog it. The answer was no, btw. But I want one machine to do it all. It doesn’t sound all that hard to do.

Of course, this would kill the business of providing internet, phone, and TV to homes.

Update: Oh and also, windows might lose. It looks to me like Windows 8 is like someone took all this cool phone stuff and stuffed it into a bigger box.

Update 2: Amazon is a fourth player. They’ve wooed me thus far and maybe they will do that with this concept.

Tactical Furniture

A book shelf that holds rifles:

I am intrigued.

Blatant dumbassery

They dropped a bullet tax. But the tax on guns to defray healthcare costs stays. These people are morons. And what exactly is a ” high rate of gun”?

where Great Britain used to be

Shooting champ jailed for “huge cache of ammunition”

Ignore those other two columns while reading this

Web advertising is killing web communication. Well, I suppose until I’m paid to write, that will have to do. Except that I am paid to write but I suck at deadlines. Sorry, Ed.

In fast and furious non-news

Issa’s latest report divulged for the first time that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.ís office originally planned for him to go to Arizona to announce the results of the Fast and Furious investigation before Justice Department officials abruptly dropped the idea when guns from the operation showed up at the murder scene of the border agent

A judge speeds the contempt case up. Gee, why is that?

What liberal . . . wait, what?

USA Today runs Wayne LaPierre’s op-ed

Or what?

An academic adviser (someone one step up from asking “do you want fries with that?”) posted a no gun sign at his CU Boulder office. His sign carries no weight of law.

Guns and looting

Shockingly, the absence of guns where there’s looting.

Be sure of your target

25 people dead from celebratory gunfire at a Saudi Arabian wedding:

At least 25 people have been killed by electric shock in a wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia, civil defence officials and local media say.

Celebratory gunfire brought down an electric cable at a house in Ain Badr village where the wedding was held on Tuesday night, Abdullah Khashman, an Eastern Province official, said.

Keep your booger hook off the bang switch

It doesn’t say so but I’m betting the officer who shot himself in the leg left a finger on the trigger while holstering.

In other news, you can open carry in New Jersey

Typical twaddle about open carrying becoming legal even though open carrying leads to, err, nothing I can tell. And then:

When the law takes effect, Oklahoma will become the 15th state to allow people to openly carry firearms with a license. Those 15 states include Utah, Iowa, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Gun Porn

Fun gun to shoot: the MP40

There’s a Mosin under that.

October 30, 2012

Horse race

Judging from the radio news, PA is in play for Republicans and so is Ohio. I’m not sure those two states have a wide enough spread to account for margin of fraud. So, it looks like the election will come down to Ohio and maybe PA.

I’m not a fan

James Yeager says your .40 sucks. I don’t think the .40 sucks, per se. But getting 10% more performance with 30% more recoil and 30 – 40% more cost doesn’t really do it for me.

“Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police”

A cop, Chris Webb, allegedly said this to a ten year old right before tasering him for not cleaning a patrol car. At career day at a school.

Shooting and pregnancy

A reader asks for thoughts about if one should shoot while knocked up. I’m not a doctor but a nurse with a gun posted this a while back.

From out of fantasyland

Bono was shocked and humbled to learn that capitalism actually creates goods and services. Funny, that.

Guns in Libraries

Seems a judge ruled against the libraries and you can tote your heater while getting your read on. I wonder if the activists from Michigan Open Carry included the guy who decided to carry a shotgun in the lieberry.

Stop the presses, they’re not crazy

The Denver Post seems surprised to learn that gun owners are, you know, regular people.

Cool word

But aren’t we all a little Ultracrepidarian?

Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2

A mini review

What do they know?

Marines and police prep for a mock zombie invasion.

conflict of interest

Judge judging fast and furious is an Obama appointee. Just in time for the news that congress has a report stating that it was a deliberate strategy put forth by Eric Holder.

In case it comes up

2013 Army Weapon Systems Handbook

An ideological test for gun ownership

Well, the trouble would be who decides what ideas are dangerous:

Private organizations such as the SPLC and government agencies such as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security already monitor the online activities of violent extremists. How hard would it be to collect that information in a database that could be used to check whether a would-be gun buyer harbors views that make him prone to murder?

Violent crime

As gun laws get less restrictive, violent crime is down.

In 2A court news

Woollard briefs online, via David with a summary of the case.

Alan Gura’s very busy week

Gun Porn

Hits of the 80s

Battle blades. I don’t see the, err, point.

High Sheriff’s Smith & Wesson Model PPC 9

Glow in the dark Glock

Exo-A1 Concept Rifle

October 29, 2012

Preppers are the crazy ones