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September 30, 2012

Suppressors on The Walking Dead

While watching Hell On Wheels (currently, the best show on TV), there was a commercial for the next season of The Walking Dead. The kid had a gun with a suppressor on it. Can’t find a pic of the kid with it, but here’s one of the lead character and what I presume is the same gun:

The stupidity of gun free zones

Spot the gun free zone! And, hey, it’s not like guns can go through that impenetrable barrier made of wishful thinking.

Also, in Florida, can you carry there or not? Good luck. When it comes to gun laws, the enthusiast acts at his peril.

Poll cat

So, according to the polls, Barack Obama is going to win the presidency. Well, it the election were held right now. So, this means the polls are biased if you’re a right wing pundit. I dunno. Romney’s just not run a very good campaign and, frankly, no one is excited about him. It’s still early and I wouldn’t call it for anyone now. Maybe the debates will decide it. We’ll see. But I plan on four more years of hope and same.

On ATF issuing new serial numbers

Seems that they can do that at the sole discretion of bureaucrats.

Doing the job American journalists won’t do

Univision is going to run a piece on fast and furious. They’ve uncovered more fast and furious deaths too. More from David.

Isn’t that how we operate anyway?

Say you invented some new wizbang item that everyone had to have. It’s fantastic and you’ll make a fortune. I’d think any lawyer would tell you that if you just sold it, that you’d be running afoul of law and regulations galore. You have to go get permission from the king’s men, first.

So, this doesn’t surprise me since it seems to be the default anyway: Former Copyright Boss: New Technology Should Be Presumed Illegal Until Congress Says Otherwise

A review of revolver speedloaders for CCW permit holders

From Rob Reed

And it’s shitty art

Decommissioned AK-47s turned into art for some hippie peace loving nonsense. And, of course, dick jokes!

Hope and change

Warrantless wiretaps quadrupled under Obama

Banning laser pointers

And laser sights, in New Jersey

Laws and little people

The king’s men. Given it was NJ, I’m guessing if I inadvertently got a plane with a gun, I’d have kept my mouth shut.

Federal agencies not paying employment taxes.

Bribery: the .gov to cover the cost of paying fines so they don’t have to release layoff notices.

The odds of a TSA agent stealing an iPad


Wake the fuck up

A rebuttal

Gun Porn

Gemstone bullets

Lucid optics

S&W Model 41

September 29, 2012

Putting the A and F in ATF

Went to the local liquor store (where my Baptist friends won’t say “hi”) when I saw this:

Silly liquor store, it’s not a Tommy gun, it’s a PPSh. That aside, it’s a rather odd thing to see vodka come in a gun shaped container. The guy working the counter saw me taking photos and showed me another gun and booze item:

It’s for shots, I suppose. Seen this before. Too bad it shoots tequila. Because tequila sucks.

September 28, 2012

Otis McDonald hospitalized

A civil rights leader is in the hospital. If you’re the praying kind, send some his way.

September 27, 2012

ATF makes crime gun comply with law

The ATF has nothing better to do than to issue a serial number to an otherwise untransferable firearm so it may be auctioned. Seems Bonnie’s gun (of Bonnie and Clyde) that was strapped to her when the police introduced her insides to the outside is worth something and will be auctioned.

I’m not quite sure how this squares with the law or ATF regulations.

Civil rights progress

Mother Jones looks at how the nation’s gun laws have improved since 2009 with a handy map of winning.

Unpicked up brains

Gun violence creates job opportunities. I did laugh.

The Stylish Man’s Guide To Concealed Carry

From Art of Manliness.

In stupid things you can do with guns news

Scare someone’s hiccups away by shooting them in the face.

Woman shoots self aiming at raccoon. Further down, they say she tripped. That’s not hardly the same thing, now is it?

Slow and lingering

Changing the slope isn’t the same as reversing the slope.

ICP sues FBI

The Insane Clown Posse is suing because they’re fans have been classified as a gang.

My answer would be no

The TSA has this weird thing where they tell people to freeze at random. It was caught on tape. Acclimation, I suppose.

Quote of the day

No vessel with armed guards has ever been hijacked

Pocket 9 round up

All of them, rounded up.

Good to know

Bacon shortage is not real

Gun Porn

Lightest lightweight AR lower

Make your mom some flowers

Peace, love and tight groups

September 26, 2012

Jelly Bean

Rolled out the update to Android 4.1 this week. It’s quite impressive. It’s obviously designed to compete with Siri and does a bit more new stuff, like expanded notifications. The latter, I really like. The dictation is much more impressive. Not really played with Google Now yet.

And, man, is it zippy.

Some features here.

6 Year Old Wisdom

My son says: I need another water. The cat drank out of my cup.

The wife: You need another one?

My son: Yes.

The wife: Why?

My son: Because she licks her butt.