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August 30, 2012

Concealed Carry Question

I get these emails a lot and this one has me stumped so I’ll turn it over to the crowd. My advice was, basically, practice shooting left handed and get someone who knows what they’re doing to show you how. But here goes:

I just found out that I am going to need some fairly heavy duty surgery on my right shoulder. Sucks but has to be taken care of. I can pick the time for the surgery just have to put up with the pain until then. I am probably going to plan for the end of the year. Recovery is going to be a bitch. 6 weeks in a sling and 4 months before returning to normal daily activities. Being a right handed guy I carry a Glock 19 either appendix at 12:30 to 1:00 or SOB 4’ish.

What do you think is the best idea for me going into this. I have never really felt vulnerable as I am a larger guy and I train in BJJ and compete regularly. No guarantees and that is why I carry. But looking forward to travel and being incapacitated with my shoulder I will feel different. I don’t know what I should do as far as which pistol to carry or how. I was thinking of an ambi mag release for my Glock and a couple of left handed holsters but have no idea if that is logical. I plan on getting in plenty of left handed practice over the next 60 days and pray that I won’t have to use it.

What say you?

Internet Firearm And Ammunition Sales

A report from the Congressional Research Service.

There are no dangerous weapons, just dangerous people

Hell, yeah, I want a death ray. But guns will do until then.

But are there some technologies we shouldn’t have? Maybe. But guns are far from that.

Forgotten Firearms

Nifty stuff. Via John.

Guns at schools

Why would anyone ever need one?

And odds they were fast and furious guns?

Three US Marines shot in Mexico.

Secret Service Agent Loses Gun

Remember when I said stop touching it? Well, this guy didn’t.


Sikh’s arming themselves.

Once again, Embody loses

You can see the opinion here. And this quote:

For his troubles, Embody has done something rare: He has taken a position on the Second and Fourth Amendment that unites the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Second Amendment Foundation. Both organizations think that the park ranger permissibly disarmed and detained Leonard Embody that day, notwithstanding his rights to possess the gun. So do we.

Small Arms Survey 2012

It’s right here, and notes an increase in the US civilian market, among other things. Via Sebastian.

Mainstreaming preparedness

This time, at Sam’s Club.

RAND on NYPD firearms training

Yeah, it sucks

The hi-point challenge

Well, someone has to do it. And the hate in the comments reminds me of the movie The Butthurt Locker*.

* and yeah, you can use that.

Gun Porn

Guns and cigars. Heh. There’s a government department named after that.

Grips: plain and fancy.

Sig 290. I was sent one to demo. I should get on that.

August 29, 2012

Like everything else in this administration

Fast and furious: Someone else’s fault. Namely, local agents.

You’ve come a long way, Baby. Only they apparently can’t see you while you’re there.

Women are people too.

The entirely contrived issue of the War on Women leads to GOP courting women. Odd to me that they react as though it’s a real issue. Such nonsense should be dismissed. I’ll never understand politics.

Need’s got nothing to do with it

I tend to go with “because I fucking can” but if you want to address your opposition to limiting regular capacity magazines, there’s a nicer way to do it.

This week in “your gun sucks”

Unsurprisingly, a lot of heat will set a gun on fire.


A child has to change his name because when he signs it, it violates the no weapons policy. Anyone at that school involved with this should be tarred and feathered.

I think I see the problem

Chicago keeps losing in court against second amendment activists because they don’t even know their own gun laws.

Gun Control: what you do instead of something

They must do something but no one knows what.

Like you and me, only better

Judge approves on carry permit in NY. Has a negligent discharge.

The shoot me first vest or the light on their handgun?

That’s what I read on the internet.

8 Ways To Spot Someone Carrying A Concealed Gun

Deal Alert

50% off swiss tech multi tools

Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Concealed Carry

Some times, some truth slips out of that blowhard:

Let me ask you this Miss, if somebody pointed a gun at you and you had a gun in your pocket, what would you do? I think that answers the question

He was defending his officers who negligently put holes in nine people but he seems to understand self-defense after all.

The war on cash

They need to add a letter. ATF can now take cash in the drug war. .

Vote with dollars

Could NY gun regulations get gun makers there to leave?

Separate but equal

The Paper of Making Up The Record endorses segregation.

Gun Porn

Charter Arms Undercover 38

Threaded R1 Enhanced



Never wondered how to hotwire until now.