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July 31, 2012


So, the talk radio, blogs and press are all gaga over Scalia saying that guns may be regulated. Yes, they can be. They are now. That’s not going to change. There will be gun laws. But, with recent events, I’m guessing those laws will continue to be more favorable to gun owners. There’s a whole lot being said over so little. Now, what is interesting is he intimated that rocket launchers may not be regulated since they’re handheld. Cannons, not so much since they are not handheld. Which is funny because in current federal law, it’s the other way around.


The NRA often takes it without warrant. A peeve of mine.

More winning

Accessorizing your AR-15, by Wal Mart

The market always wins

Or why big government fails at most things

Range etiquette

Like your mom said, clean up after yourself.

In stupid policing news

They keep using the word ‘botched‘ when law enforcement messes up. Much like fast and furious, it seems to have been the plan and not botched at all.

Meanwhile, must have been union:

A downtown worker who flagged down a Portland police car to report a robbery in progress said he was surprised by the officer’s response Thursday.

“He told me he was off duty and I should call 911,” said Rob Anderson, 31. “He rolled up his window and drove away.”

Well, they can’t expect you to protect and serve on your lunch break.

Halo Mfg gets an odd visit from DHS.

Cool pics

Gunsmithing in Pakistan.

MD asks for stay

A judge struck down MD’s shall issue law and now the state is asking for that to be stayed until the higher court rules.


Because fuck you, that’s why.

Flashlight blogging

From Tam.

Guns in the press

Time wants to talk common sense about guns, which means controlling them. Of course, they parrot the lie that gun ownership is on the decline.

A poll, with numbers that correlate to the fact we recently had a mass shooting.

So, if you buy ammo anonymously, how can they ship it to you?

Forbes notes a theme on blogs for a while: The end of gun control, thanks technology!

Mayors Against Guns Going After Politician’s Churches

This is pretty shitty.

Gun Porn

That is sweet

DIY .54 Virginia-style flintlock

Some cool photos from Robert

I’m skeptical

5 guys responsible for fast and furious? Not convinced.

July 30, 2012


Someone OCs into the Batman movie. The cops are called but can’t find the guy. They stop the movie and ask to speak with the guy carrying a gun. Three stood up.

No charges filed.

I suppose he could have had multiple magazines

But this pic of the Aurora shooter’s AR-15 doesn’t show a 100 round drum magazine. Just a standard capacity magazine.

GunLawsByState A handy e-book that breaks down handy things to know, like reciprocity. It also looks to be a good resource for asking locality specific questions. The book also details federal laws.

Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Threatening to shut us the fuck up

Gun sales up

In Cali, even.

That’s racist

Subject and verb agreement in black culture is to blame for everyone taking Obama’s comments out of context. Yes, they think you’re stupid.

All things to all people

The government, in the eyes of Obama.

And another

Another law-breaking mayor against guns.

Guns as religion

And the 1911

The price of a burger

To rise under Obamacare?

Mass murderers v. Armed Citizens

Gun carrying man stops stabbing spree.

Adding another to the growing list.


Three year old opens four gun safes

Gun Control is Dead

AR-15 made from a 3D printer.

Sebstian has done some of this stuff before.

Great moments in gun ads

When you leave your ads to advertisers: Taurus Semi Auto Revolver in .380 ACP

Reminds me of the DPMS AK-15 from a bit back.

Deal Alert

$10 off your $50 Kershaw knife order

Videos: Responding to a mass shooter

I think the funny thing about this DHS funded video on surviving a mass shooting is that the place is posted as no guns.

Ari’s dad on civilian response to such a scenario