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So, a couple of white guys went on a shooting spree in a black neighborhood. And a Black Panther makes threats toward honkeys and ‘these pink people’. Calls for a day of action on April 9, which is today.

11 Responses to “Frightening”

  1. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    Hate to say it, but I wonder if the dipshits responsible for this were motivated by this:

    Race baiters on all sides are probably licking their chops at the moment.

  2. ATLien Says:

    Wonder no more- read the article.

  3. Matthew Carberry Says:

    So, would the younger man be a “white Cherokee”?

    Let’s hope it remains mostly talk.

  4. Sebastian not the blogger Says:

    Looks like the incident they were responding to wasn’t the same one…but either way, yup…it’s getting ugly in OK.

  5. MAJ Mike Says:

    Been out on my usual errands today. Nothing out of the ordinary in my part of San Antonio. My friend, Mr. Springfield XD 45ACP, and I were prepared for any debate.

  6. Critter Says:

    no action today. did i miss something?

  7. Jerry Says:

    Anyone who goes on a “shooting spree” had better have #$% ^&*( good reason for doing so. Other wise, they might just get shot. I shure hope these two ass-wipes get their day in court.

  8. Jerry Says:

    Oh, and FUCK the black panthers. They have never done anything for me. Nor have the white panthers, or the pink ones.

  9. Skip Says:

    Bring it.

  10. Bubblehead Les Says:

    24 hours later, no Riots to report, no mass shootings amongst the different Skin Tones, no Martial Law declared. WTF? Geez, didn’t anyone read the Memo?

    Guess the Grass Roots support for a Major Race War just isn’t there. Sorry Barry, No Crisis for You!

  11. TooCloseToSanford Says:

    According to the NBP’s AWESOME website (/s), the day of action is April 23rd. They’ve created a Facebook page and EVERYTHING!! I can’t wait to see their Twitter feed!

    Holy shit, I’m tired. Anybody here live close to Sanford? I’m in Winter Park, let me know.