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Biden on gun laws

He’s not so sure concealed carry is a good idea and wants a debate on gun laws.

18 Responses to “Biden on gun laws”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Trial Balloon by the Obama Administration, perhaps?

  2. CaptainVictory Says:

    I’m not so sure that saying things like “unintendedly” is a good idea. Or that Biden is one heartbeat away from being president.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    I wonder how many Concealed Carry only would be on bidens side if he said the same thing about Open Carry… My suspicion is that it would be quite a lot..

  4. Jerry Says:

    Joe Biden can bite my ‘non-open-carrying’ ass.

  5. The Comedian Says:

    Says the guy with 24/7 taxpayer funded armed security.

  6. settles Says:

    If he wants a debate, let’s have him debate Wayne LaPierre on National Television. The debate would be over. Biden is a twit on a good day so I would welcome the debate.

  7. comatus Says:

    Jerry, he’s planning to. Hard.

    Back when he had a brain, he literally shook a copy of “Takings” in Clarence Thomas’s face, demanding that he retract any allegiance to its natural-law argument.

    This is a man who’s not so sure *any* property (or any right) is a good idea. Just ask Neil Kinnock.

  8. Marshall Wirig Says:

    This administration is a joke. Please, let’s send them home in Nov!

  9. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    That guy’s pretty dim when he’s sober, but it’s been a while since that happened. I don’t worry that he’s a heartbeat away; that moron is so feckless he’d be harmless, unlike the malignancy we have.

  10. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Mr. VP,

    Con Law 101.

    It doesn’t matter if the “premise” that “CC makes people safer” is “correct” or not. The only thing that matters IS the Right.

    Absent overwhelming, unindictable, evidence that the exercise of the Right in a given particular way by some law-abiding individuals -always- makes other law-abiding individuals “less safe” by intruding on one or more of their (limited) fundamental and inalienable rights, the default position must be absolute freedom of exercise.

    The founding principles and philosophical underpinnings of our system of law and government admit of no alternative postition. Full stop.

  11. Chas Says:

    The schoolyard bully always wants to debate how much of your lunch money you’re going to give him.
    Biden = worse than worthless POS.
    He is such a vile cocksucker that he makes anarchy seem like merely a breath of fresh air. We do not need irresponsible politicians like him holding any office whatsoever in this country, let alone the vice-presidency. November. Kick his ass out!

  12. Bryan S. Says:

    Keep and bear arms… sounds like the debate is over, Mr Federal Government. Now lets talk about your ability under the Constitution to keep arms, via the 10th.

  13. Huck Says:

    There’s nothing to debate Garbage Mouth Joe. It’s a RIGHT! ‘Nuff said.

  14. BobG Says:

    Joe Biden could probably discuss gun control with Joan Peterson and come away from her feeling impressed.

  15. kahr40 Says:

    Wayne Lapierre debate Joe Biden? Actually I’d rather Alan Gura take the pro side.

  16. Ted N Says:


    Never mind these guys in cheap suits with submachine gun shaped bulges under jackets, you peasants shouldn’t have guns. Guns are mean and stuff. Also, I love cheese. – Joe Biden

  17. Gnarly Sheen Says:

    I’m not so sure having Biden as VP is a good idea, and I think we should have a debate about having a brainless nimrod that close to the position of president.

  18. Ron W Says:

    Yeah, just ask Biden if he’s down with “the equal protection of the laws” (14th Amendment), you know, one of the two, along with teh 13th, that overturned the SCOTUS Dred Scot and ended slavery. If so, say then if carrying isn’t a good idea, let’s start with OUR EMPLOYEES like the secret service who provide your armed protection.

    Being part of the elite ruling class, it’s probably something about which he’e never considered.