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April 30, 2012

Silencing speech on twitter

Apparently, there’s some organized campaign to get people silenced by reporting them as spam.

Deal Alert

Buy Lasergrips for a 1911, get a free holster.

Guns and weed

Richard Feldman has started himself a new pro gun group called the Independent Firearm Owners Association. Over at the Daily Kos, he says one issue is the drug war and let’s legalize weed:

In our zeal to put violent criminals out of business we’ve corrupted our law enforcement community with lure of asset forfeitures, giving rise to financial incentives to bust people after they sell the drugs so they can seize cash and property. Before asset forfeiture laws, standard procedure had been to simply destroy the drugs! This is perverted capitalism in an Orwellian form. Our founding fathers would collectively vomit if they saw what we’ve created in the very name of protecting our sacred individual civil liberty, freedom and personal actions.

I think that’s correct but, given that it’s Richard Feldman, I have my doubts about the group’s pro-gun credibility. I’m guessing it’s just in time to give Obama a fake pro-gun endorsement. What say you?

Pick one

The M&P Shield comes with both a 7 and 8 round magazine. My S&W M&P9C came with two magazines. One fits flush to the gun and the other has an extension for a better grip. I prefer the flat one for concealed carry. I wish they’d just pick one type of magazine to ship with them. Seems like they just don’t quite know what to do so they do both.

Just the tip

A teaser pic of the Gilboa Double Rifle. Looks like some sort of double barreled AR-15.

Peace Index

Apparently, the presence of small arms and number of police contribute to it.

Tragic end for some Mosins

Russia to destroy 4M guns.

Not record I want to try to break

Fox: The man who holds the Guinness World Record for living the longest with a bullet in his head has died in Central California at age 103.

He didn’t use the force

Obiwan Kenobi arrested in connection to Roseville hit, run

TSA shenanigans

TSA agents remove traveler, take him to secure area, make him open his luggage just to ogle his firearms.

Chicks and guns

Beth is blogging from the NRA’s Women’s Outdoor Adventure.

At Mount Le Conte

A sign of irony

Iron sights v. Lasers

Laser wins, but just barely.

Where guns are banned

DC is experiencing serial hammer attacks. Someone is in custody now.


In Australia, there’s been a rash of shootings. The latest. Seems they’re related to gang rivalry so the .gov there wants to outlaw gangs involved in criminal activity. Uhm, I’m no expert on Aussie law but isn’t that already illegal?

In Ireland, kids just find them lying around.

Zimmerman legal case blog

His lawyers have set one up. I’m not sure how common this is or if it’s a good idea. But I’m no lawyer.

Putting the grown ups in charge

Glenn notes exactly the problem.

About that cool lower receiver

Production of some is in the works

Guns in Mexico

The NSSF addresses the ATF’s fundraising letter err report on guns in Mexico.

There are no coincidences.

Romney Campaign Stickers

Toothpaste for president

I hate Glocks


Gun Porn

Fusion 10MM CCO, a review.

Range Time with The Sneed

Pics from the Silencers Are Legal shoot

April 29, 2012


Took the kids camping yesterday then came home to do you yard work. No blog for you. Did I miss anything?

April 27, 2012

Crimson Trace Laser Grip For the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

Seen at CrimsonTrace’s facebook page:

Wonder why it’s under the barrel and not a LaserGrip. Is it a light?

Update: Confirmed that the Shield does not have removable backstraps. I did not know that.

The Audacity of Scope

Woot’s deal of the day: PFI Rapid Reticle Scope.

Chicks and guns

A look at the numbers.

Public schools in Chicago

A school teacher teaches the class that the NRA says “porch monkeys deserve to die“, along with a litany of anti-gun propaganda. Also, with that grammar, you’re involved with teaching kids?

Kids love capitalism

I was bottling my homemade wine last night and Junior was watching. She seems to like watching the corking process. And she says to me you know, you could probably make money by selling that. I said I probably could but that’s illegal and it’s just for your mom and I. She then asked why it was illegal. And I told her about alcohol laws and how they were stupid. At seven, she then says So, you can’t just make stuff and sell it? I said to her that if you did, you’d be breaking the law. After a few seconds, she says that’s stupid. I tell her that she’s right.

I was proud.

Top smartphone maker: Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy line beats the iPhone. I like my Galaxy Nexus, as I’ve said before. And they beat out Nokia in total handset sales.

Androids have been outselling iPhones for a while but that’s only because there’s iPhone v. a new Android phone coming out every ten minutes. It’s a first for specific android phones, I think.

Those limited government Republicans

Having solved other problems the state of Tennessee is facing, our governor has signed a law ridding us of the scourge of saggy pants in school.

Used three kinds of generics. I liked the Levitra Pills more, although the others acted quite well. Perhaps it all depends on the characteristics of each organism.