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Taurus Judge gets all explody.

9 Responses to “Kaboom”

  1. Dann in Ohio Says:

    Un-possible… don’t you know that one shot from a Taurus Judge will take out six zombies, a mig fighter jet, and Chuck Norris… they never fail…

    Dann in Ohio

  2. comedian Says:

    Judge? Looks more like the Justice of the Pieces.

  3. mikee Says:

    So .410 is OK to use, .45 Colt is OK to use, but reloading either for zombies using C4 as propellant may cause problems?

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    May not be the Judge. I seem to remember in a few of the Gun Magazines a decade or so ago, there were some discussions and investigations about .45 Colt explosions happening with Reloads. Turns out you have to put some Dacron Filler in the case when using certain powders, or else you get the Kaboom.

    But that Top Strap, well, I know Plastic prices are going up (as are most Petroleum- Based products), but for what Taurus is charging, c’mon! Spend the extra Nickel!

  5. Rivrdog Says:

    Let’s not Trayvon this. let’s get all the info in before dumping all over Taurus like the peeps did in the linked thread.

    I think it’s strange that the cylinder would look OK butr the frame would have failed, no matter what the frame was made of. Let’s mike the cylinder, let’s at least have to more photos of the cylinder.

    Yes, the .45 LC is a blackpowder case that can hold WAAAAY too much modern propellant.

    If I had to guess, though, it would be a tossup between timing issue and overcharge. Few revolvers can be safely double-staged, but almost everyone who owns a revolver tries to, at some point.

    All speculation now, though, until more info comes in.

  6. SGB Says:

    I’m speculating that the Judge sucks.

  7. comatus Says:

    I checked “The” dictionary. First recorded use of “Trayvon” as a verb. Ladies and gentlemen, history is made, once more, before your eyes, @SeZunk.

    Conjugation, hmm. “I Trayvon” today, I “Trayvon’d”? yesterday, but you know it ought to be highly irregular, so let’s say “the subject had been completely Tray-vunt.”

  8. Jerry Says:

    Turkey load, ‘mebbe?

  9. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    As to the cylinder, if it’s in the position it was when it was fired, it looks to have been misaligned with the barrel. Maybe just enough that the firing pin could still hit the primer. Solid projectile jamming into the barrel sideways will test the tensile strength of the top strap. Pull on something hard enough and it will break like that.