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On comments

I get a lot. But I also get about 1,200 spam messages a day. I could go through them all but then I would never be able to blog. So, if your comment goes to spam, it’s likely deleted because I don’t want to spend time picking your insightful/inciteful comment from amongst the several other comments selling me SEO, pills to make Mr. Happy bigger, or Nigerian prince’s with $128M set aside for you. Literally, I go to spam and hit delete all every morning.

Your better bet is to shoot me an email.

3 Responses to “On comments”

  1. North and the Gun Blog Black List Says:

    Your email address is non-obvious.

  2. North and the Gun Blog Black List Says:


    I owe you a beer for that.

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    I do the same but I don’t even get much in SPAM… Except today when I f*ing SPAMMED myself. Some virus product nabbed my gmail and barfed all over – me included. New antivirus fixed that, and new passwords and other defensive postures.