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National Reciprocity Act

There is now a senate version that has been introduced.

3 Responses to “National Reciprocity Act”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    It’ll pass if the RINOs and the Schumer Mafia allows it. But I don’t see that happening. But will Barry sign it into Law? Don’t think so. And I’m sure there won’t be enough Votes to Overide a Veto. And THEN some Liberal Judges will declare it “Unconstitutional,” citing “States Rights”,so it’ll be tied up for years.

    But I’m glad some Senators are willing to Buck the Bradys.

  2. Rick Says:

    What Les said. Election year posturing. I’d love to be wrong about this, but I’m thinking it never gets out of committee.

  3. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Begich is a squishy lib, but he’s been solid on (direct) gun legislation and resource development.

    As long as Judicial nominees can fudge the Heller/McDonald cases with “settled law” I wouldn’t depend on him as a “no” vote, but when it comes to actual gun control legislation I don’t see him screwing us. Alaskans don’t forget.

    There are some very solid pro-gun Dems, don’t count them out. With significant bi-partisan support it should make it to the floor and, even if the pro-gun crowd (in both parties) don’t outweigh the anti’s (in both parties) enough get a 60+ vote, if it passes it’ll make for a tough Obama veto in an election year.