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Mass murderers v. armed victims

Seen at Glenn’s:

Workplace shooting sprees donít last nearly as long when everyone in the office has a gun on their hip.

Or even just when one person is armed.

3 Responses to “Mass murderers v. armed victims”

  1. Ian Argent Says:

    Probably afraid their target discrimination skills are up to par for law enforcement.
    That having between said, kudos to the guy who stopped out.

  2. John Richardson Says:

    From what I’ve been reading, the first guy that got shot, Kevin Kozak, the Deputy SAC of the office, was a real asshole and that the shooter, Zeke Garcia, was well-liked. Kozak had come out of Customs and Garcia out of INS when they formed ICE.

    This doesn’t absolve Garcia from shooting Kozak or make Garcia any more alive.

  3. The Comedian Says:

    I wonder if KABC is proud of its news making eye-witness interview of Tracey English?

    Tracey English of Lomita was a passenger on a local bus that passed by the federal building when the shooting happened. She said she couldn’t believe something like this occurred between agents in a federal building.

    “I was actually scared because I’ve never seen anything like that really. All I could do was pray for the whole situation,” said English.


    She’d never seen anything like that, and she still hasn’t.