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February 29, 2012

Big news in DC

Cutting back on gun restrictions. Thank you, Emily Miller!

In Iowa

House democrats leave to protest pro gun bills. And Ravenwood’s law is to blame.

As to the bills:

One bill would alter the state constitution to specifically include gun rights. Another would rewrite the law on “reasonable force” so that a person may use force — including deadly force — against someone who they believe threatens to kill or cause serious injury or who is committing a violent felony.

So, they’re upset that the bills would make them like the majority of the states?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

I snagged the Galaxy Nexus last week. Short version of this review is it’s the greatest phone ever. Well, until the next one. That’s how these work. On to stuff.

The screen is amazing and comes in at 4.65 inches and is Super AMOLED. I have no idea what that means other than, apparently, freakin’ awesome. The video quality is fantastic and the games the kids play are zippier. The screen is a little larger than the screen on my old DroidX (now doing duty as a kids’ toy) but the Galaxy seems to weigh less. The default screen setting out of the box is hard to see in bright daylight. But the buttons for screen settings fix that rather quickly. The overall video quality is the best of any phone I’ve ever seen.

The shape and appearance is pretty understated and sleek. There’s no big ass logo on the front occupying the limited real estate. The screen appears to the touch to feel a bit concave, which aids in feel and one-handed navigation of the phone. Unlike other phones I’ve had that have a hump or ridge on the top, this one does not. So, a few times I’ve whipped it out upside down. No big deal.

It lacks the buttons most android phones have. There is only an on button and a volume button, fewer than an iPhone. But this is due to the new OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. The buttons to operate apps and menus appear on the phone’s screen instead of the physical 4 buttons I’m used to. And it’s slick. Phone reacts faster and, once you get accustomed to the lack of buttons, it actually feels better and is more intuitive but it took a day or two.

The camera is zippy. The first time I used it, I hit the button and didn’t think it took a photo and pressed again, a few times. I realized that what happened was it actually had taken about 6 pictures and I just didn’t hear the distinct click, because I was at a firing range. Also, one cool feature is that when you power the phone on, you can slide the slider left to go right to the camera.

The pre-installed ringtones and notification sounds are, frankly, not loud enough. They sound good but they’re rather mild and not attention getting. They’re easy to change so no big deal.

4G rocks. It’s significantly faster and webpages, g-reader and other stuff load near instantly.

Battery life is a bit shorter than I had on the DroidX. The X would, for me, easily go two days without a charge unless I used it for video. The Galaxy makes it to just over a day before I charge it. I’m guessing that’s function of the 4G and the better screen.

Highly recommended.

Layers of editorial oversight

While real stuff was happening, the press was busy pushing a story that never really happened.

Via MKS, who notes: I’m puzzled how in the hell you do this “story” without contacting the restaurant..

The narrative is more important than facts.

Big brother is reading about your breakfast

In all of the books and movies that depicted the future, not a single one mentioned we’d use all the technology at our disposal to let all of our friends see pictures of the food and drink we’re having.

The Deparment of Homeland Security is monitoring what you put on social networks and looking for items of interest and key words. Among those words are shooting and ATF, which are used many times a day here.

I, terrorist.

So, they’re good at dancing?

South Korea shows off SWAT team. Looks more like choreography from a Wire-Fu movie.

In the House

A bill to get rid of the Kelo decision:

The Private Property Rights Protection act, H.R. 1443, would prevent states from using eminent domain over property to be used for economic development, and establish a private right of action for property owners if a state or local government violates the new rule. It would also limit federal funds to states in which property is taken in violation of the law.

Good. Shortly after Kelo, a few states passed similar laws.

What government does

I’m speechless: Obama administration plan would kill rival bird to save spotted owl

Famous last words

Hold my beer and watch this.

Women and guns

Molly Smith, a young shooter who I met in Reno a couple of times, has a piece at the Daily Caller on Woman and Guns.


Quote of the day

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa to Eric Holder:

You don’t have the right to get 200 Mexicans and and least two Americans murdered in the name of quote, following the guns loosely to the scene of the crime.

Laser Training Target

From LaserLyte, it looks like a very useful tool.

in response to a school shooting

Let’s push a lot of laws that would not have prevented that shooting. It also turns out, it’s against the law to shoot people.

Live free or there

In the video of my son’s first shots with an AR-15, Weerd comments:

Also this is impossible without a collapsible stock which is illegal in Massachusetts.

Making children smile is illegal here.

In MA, equipment to be adjusted for ergonomics is banned.


In Dallas, the number of speeding tickets the cops give are down. And the press treats this like a bad thing.

Not causation, a site of odd correlations.

Global Warming

Is there anything it can’t do?


Arrested for trying to file a complaint with the police.

Flashlight blogging

Wizard has a review of the Fenix PD20, a light for every day carry.

Meanwhile, in whacky anti-gunner land

I think I see the problem. You have a case of the dumbs.

Anti-gunner claims he was in the army. But it was just ROTC. I was in ROTC.

Astro-turf in the wake of tragedy.

New Aimpoint Micro

This one with a 2 MOA dot

What caliber for piercing magazine?

NYPD officer’s spare magazine stops attacker’s bullet.

Odd gun

The Dardick

Stop touching it

And it’s not a prop. A judge in GA was growing frustrated with a witness. So, he reached into his robe and pulled out a gun and told the witness she may want to shoot her lawyer. And this guy is a judge, someone who decides what law means.

Disabled, not defenseless

Bob Boyd: Opportunistic criminals may think I’m an easy victim just because I’m in a wheelchair, but they’re wrong.

I’ve had Shemomedjamo

9 Foreign words the English language needs.

Preparedness for beginners

From Daniel.

.40 oz of freedom

For the record, I don’t hate the .40. It’s just not for me

Mad Ogre has some love for the .40. And more from BGU.

And some good advice: carry as much gun as you can.


FN FiveseveN suffered a catastrophic failure

Today’s idiot

Law prof Calvin Johnson called the Ohio school shooting a “typical exercise of the Second Amendment”. What a repugnant loon.